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  1. Thanks for the recap, as always, P! I had to miss these shows last year, but was very happy to attend once again this weekend. While I hope there weren't too many disappointed numbers 21-30 in line, I thought it was a good strategy for Jeff to "reserve" 10 songs for himself each night. I always love hearing everyone's picks, including the ultra-obscure, but I think this allowed for more control over pacing and shaping the general trend of songs in one direction or another each evening. Thanks once again to Jeff and Susie for all they do, nap-powered or otherwise.
  2. Yeah, when I got a break from work to load things up at 9:58, I was pretty surprised that Friend of the Fest passes were already gone 2 minutes before “on sale” time. It feels a little wrong that someone who has been to every SSF didn’t get a chance to be a “friend” of the festival!
  3. Very nice recap, P. I really enjoyed this show and Milwaukee the night before. It felt like it had been a long Wilco/Jeff drought, so it was nice to ... soak up the rain in the company of friends. It was very cool hearing so many new songs over both nights. 2018 has been a hard year for my family, so many of the songs - older as well as new - had a particular resonance.
  4. I'm so thankful and happy I got to attend these shows. Despite being a midwesterner, I've been to fortunate enough to visit both incarnations of Largo enough over the years to really grow attached to the place. The opportunity to see Jeff there is something I will certainly never take for granted. Thursday and Friday were both excellent nights of music and comedy (from both openers and the main act). On Friday night I especially loved hearing "Ashes" solo - I saw that version live for the first time a little over four years ago in the same room, and it was every bit as good as I remembered.
  5. Man, I loved this show. I knew I couldn't make either of the first two in St. Paul, so when they announced a 3rd and final show on a Friday night that also happened to be my birthday, I couldn't pass it up. So glad I didn't. So many favorite live songs, (And I'm honored to share my birthday with Josh! Though I didn't remove my shirt during Hoodoo Voodoo.) Even though a many-months hiatus is run of the mill for a lot of touring bands - and I imagine Wilco has even done it at some point in the past - it did feel like an emotional night and a bit of a finale. It was great hearing Jeff talk abo
  6. Thanks for the recap, P! It felt a little weird not to be there, but sometimes with work and $$ and driving time and fests on back to back weekends (and the general march of time), ya just gotta make the call. Sounds like a good time as always, with another great rocking finish. I hope you got some custard.
  7. I took the New Zealand stuff as an extension of his previous joke about you requesting songs he hadn't even written yet, P. Like, not only that, you're congratulating them on shows they haven't played yet!
  8. I would've enjoyed the fucking Brian Wilson song too, T, but YAMF is so great. And I am also guilty of singing Happy Birthday to "Brett." I believe Paul was dubbed the King of Wilco Fans, a title of which is he certainly deserving. Maybe the next Solid Sound should have a Bbop exhibit. See all his handwritten show notes from the past 10 years! I was telling some friends last night that I don't think I've ever not had fun at one of these benefit shows. No matter how the details go, it's going to be a good time. All hail the Tweedys!
  9. It really was an excellent show. I hadn't had a chance to see most (any?) of the newest Wilco songs performed solo until last night, so I found myself catching more lyrical nuances than I have listening to the full band versions. It also seemed like the Vic had acquired a new PA system since my last visit, and thanks to that and Stan, things were sounding particularly crisp. Choosing the songs may not be fully in Jeff's hands for these shows, but I always enjoy seeing how he puts them together into a setlist with a recognizable ebb and flow. My favorite banter tangent came after California S
  10. Fun thread! I did more world travel than usual in 2016. -A few weeks in Denmark in April and May for work (loved Tivoli) -Croatia and a little Austria for the last half of June (Plitvice Lakes National Park is fantastic) -SF in September -Baltimore in October Plus a handful of Chicago jaunts Next year I don't have anything on the books yet, but trying to plan another Euro trip. I don't think Iceland is in the cards this time, but it's definitely somewhere I'd like to go.
  11. Got my ticket! But yes, I was pretty annoyed that gender, birth date, and age were required fields to buy tickets. Required?! Not to mention the fact that computers can presumably do math, so I'm not sure why they need birth date and age.
  12. And I don't know how much technical proficiency factors into this particular post, but here's Johnny's lovely print as currently being flattened on my coffee table between a book and Kleenex box.
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