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  1. I was torn between that request and the couple I had in the back of my head all summer, so I was relieved when Judy used it. Those Spanish guitar solos - I could listen for hours. I confirmed my suspicions on WilcoBase - aside from a couple performances in 2006/07 there would have been no way for me to see Jeff play Via Chicago solo, so it was very appropriate for me to finally see him play it - in Chicago, with my friends, in my friends' basement. That song became a big part of settling in this city and the dear friends I've made in the last 7 years. having a nice time reviewing the
  2. Hi hi - looong time no post. I need help with the Uncle Tupelo song, Acuff Rose. I would like to use it in my wedding (not necessarily as a highlight piece for a dance or entrance, but it will have a special place in the night) and I can't find "the best" version. I have various live versions of Jeff solo, and most of them are usable if I can figure out a way to cut down the crowd cheering (it can be pretty jarring considering it will be playing from an amplifier). I love the versions of his raw, almost acoustic vocals where he really belts out the lyrics, and of course the energetic g
  3. look closer - I think it's actually called Wilcox. It's a real estate broker office.
  4. either that or he was "warning us" about the volume levels... (his or ours ) This song was gorgeous. I thought I would've needed the 2nd Spanish guitar solo, but I was wrong. It was presented perfectly.
  5. spooky.. and it was almost the 13th of the month!
  6. I know it comes around every year right about this time, but the PCD is settling in hard and fast as I bid farewell to the final guests of the weekend this afternoon. These weekends, and especially the show itself, always go so fast (despite the minimal hours of sleep we manage to carve out) so you would think I'd get use to it... Unwelcome Guest truly was ethereal, and Simple Twist of Fate was perfectly executed. I hope Jeff didn't feel too obliged with the "off the book" requests, but start to finish, I'd say the song ideas and Jeff's performing couldn't have been better. The timing w
  7. how awful to know that political teams then take this right into guerrilla marketing...
  8. Alison, you could do Clara Schuman in a jiff! and what better than to represent the "high priestess of music" !
  9. I think you'd make a great Patsy or Vicki Sue Robinson nara leao edith piaf Selena kirsty maccoll karen carpenter and just wear a baggy dress with circles under your eyes more ideas here! http://www.geocities.com/trcoleman.geo/dea..._musicians.html
  10. how scary! not that you haven't already Dunja, but hug Tara so hard it almost hurts (well, there are probably a lot of hurts right now.. maybe wait until she's healed more). So glad to hear that both are walking after a site like that accident. "...Than all words aside, Take care Please take care..."
  11. oh man, I totally forgot about that. Hilarious. Do you still play "piggyback" on your road trips? I had such a nice time in that mini-van with everyone. another prank I forgot. I loved reading about his string of trials and tribulations for a while there. (something about a fight on the sidewalk, and a few other problems that were actually kind of bad but the way he told it was just too funny to not chuckle). I still have some Wilca buttons. I think one of them is still pinned to my bag.
  12. you've put it together quite well! I joined here probably January 10 or 11 because a friend of mine knew I had really been getting into Wilco before I left for Europe in the Spring that year and being on the road kept me out of the loop. He knew I was a Ryan Adams junky (we met via the RA board the Spring of 2002) and that I was getting into live recordings so he referred me to VC because the recordings for the 3 Vic shows had just come out. I had been back in the states for less than a month, unemployed and hungry for music news. I remember the afternoon when I actually joined (how weird i
  13. I see Kingpin yelling. what fun!
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