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  1. V? Radio King? Pecan Pie? Really?!? I'll make you buy it
  2. As per usual, buy from your local record store, just providing the Amazon link for those who ask for a link: http://www.amazon.com/Down-Old-Mainstream-Gram-2xLP/dp/B003HO0RDG/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1273163758&sr=8-14
  3. I apologize for the plugginess of this, but the store I work at (Laurie's Planet of Sound in Chicago) should have plenty of the Kicking Television vinyl and Pat (and John I think?) will be DJing from 5-6. Drop in, say hi, bring a beverage and have a good time! Wilco have always been so great to indie stores, and the one I work at specifically. Of course if you can't make it to my store, go buy SOMETHING at an indie store today! anything from a cheap-o 7" to a super-cool Kicking Television box set!
  4. Slightly updated list of folks scheduled to appear: Edward Burch The Viper & His Famous Orchestra LeRoy Bach Brad Elvis & Chloe Orwell (of The Handcuffs) members of Dolly Varden Quartet Parapluie Steve Frisbie Dorian Taj John Peacock Nate Bakkum Kenneth Rainey (of Tangleweed) Dawna Nelson Brian Krumm & Brian Leach (of The Great Crusades) Chris DeMay and more I hope those in Chicago can make it to the Hideout for this.
  5. I already can't find my Summerteeth CD that came with the vinyl, so I'm trying to see if I can tell with AM... I cannot tell. I sorta think the new one is louder and nicer sounding, but maybe I just want to believe. The track times on the new Summerteeth are exactly the same as the old one, if that means anything. When the Mudcrutch album came out the vinyl included a CD mastered to sound like vinyl and not like the normal CD. However, when taking my LP out, the cd fell out of the cardboard sleeve and face down on our brutal concrete floor at the store, so I never found out.
  6. it was a friends and family preview nite. I guess when a band premiers a movie in their hometown in a small seated venue the guest list can get a little out of hand. I was actually sitting near a ghost.
  7. http://forums.viachicago.org/topic/41821-califone-all-my-friends-are-funeral-singers-mca/
  8. Okay, that was totally mind blowing. I've been fortunate enough to see Califone play live to silent movies before, but this experience was not at all like those. I went completely blind into this as far as knowing what the movie was about, and wasn't really prepared for it being this other dimension of a songwriter and band I've loved for many years. It was like one of their albums come to life. Only a handful of the songs from the record are in the film, but the band is providing the score (and are characters in the film, and it's not as hokey as that might sound). I don't want to provide any
  9. I've been listening to nothing but (nearly) since I got my record Wednesday. Vinyl comes with a 15 minute track (also on the download) that is excellent and ends with a wonderful drone. Seeing the movie/live performance tonite at MCA. I really love this band. swoon.
  10. I was off for four days, and after you were in I noticed it written down as having sold, so I didn't know either! We had 6 or 7 when I left today, I'll put one back for you when I get in tomorrow. As far as photos go, I don't think that would really do it justice. The gatefold is the four portraits of the band on the left and that blurry fuzzy thing with dots on the right. Lyric sheets separate for each LP which is weird but classy. Another weird thing is the only year on the outer sleeve is 2009.
  11. A lot of artists won't /can't listen to unreleased work lest they be accused of ripping it off.
  12. holy cow, the new one looks and sounds sooooo much better than the original. They did a beautiful job. I really feel for anyone who paid ebay prices on the old one. Also, it's weird to see the nonsuch insignia on Summerteeth, the LP and the CD both have it. ...and Anodyne looks bumped to 11/03/09.
  13. Looks like: 8/25 Summerteeth 9/29 AM 10/06 Anodyne 10/27 Being There
  14. Love it, and they are already selling vinyl and CD on tour. As per usual, the songs rock the fuck out live and are a perfect compliment to the album. There is a documentary on the making of the album which was very interesting and will hopefully get a few more screenings out there. I highly recommend downloading a live show from the tour as soon as they surface.
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