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  1. Bought mine on Amazon last week - got here about five or so days earlier than I had anticipated. Just imported all four discs, read the liner notes and am listening now.
  2. Thank you to those that participated.
  3. Right on #1 I remember seeing Nels & Pat in the band in Dekalb some time in May of 2004. Never heard that 3rd one before - haha... Keep 'em coming!
  4. Man it has been forever since I've been on here. Hello to everyone I used to know if you're still here. I'm working on a project about the band and, while I know the main details I wanted to reach out to other fans to see what moments in time resonate the most with them. So basically I'm chronicling their entire 20 year history in bullet points. Like the date that Uncle Tupelo ended and then the date that Wilco began. When albums began recording and when they ended (if anyone has specific dates or even months/years feel free to add them). I'm pretty sure I could eventually just give this l
  5. Hey there everybody. I wanted to submit a link to my review of the recent show at Lincoln Hall by the Autumn Defense. Below the link will be the full setlist from the show. Thanks for checking it out! http://rocknrollghost.com/2010/06/18/live-review-the-autumn-defense-lincoln-hall-chicago 01. The Sun In California (John Stirratt) 02. Bluebirds Fall (Pat Sansone) 03. Written In the Snow (JS) 04. Back of My Mind (PS) - New Song 05. Step Easy (JS) - New Song 06. Every Days Is a Brand New Day (PS) (I think I have the wrong title here, actually - my memory's hazy and my notes are unreadab
  6. whoa! the same weekend my son's back from college for Spring Break - I think my wife sanctioned me spending the money to go with him.
  7. On a related note - Chef Paul Kahan, an avid music fan, talks to Rock 'n Roll Ghost about a great Uncle Tupelo experience he had in Milwaukee: Paul Kahan talks Uncle Tupelo
  8. If you're looking to book them, then their booking agent is the way to go. If they won't get back to you it most likely means that they don't want to do the gig.
  9. Guitar legend Smokey Hormel discusses why he loves Nels Cline (unprovoked by me) in Rock 'n Roll Ghost's interview with him - quote appears at end of article Thanks for checking it out!
  10. dude's pretty funny, to me. as I write in the list, his Twitter account is great fun.
  11. http://rocknrollghost.com/2010/01/20/rock-n-roll-ghost-picks-the-best-albums-of-2009
  12. John for sure wanted to be there, but these shows are booked way in advance and the tribute was put together after Labor Day. It would have been impossible for any of them to come.
  13. alright everyone, be there or be square - come on out and help some musicians. it's only $8. Here's my interview feature with Edward Burch about the event: http://rocknrollghost.com/2009/11/15/edward-burch-talks-about-the-jay-bennett-birthday-celebration-tonight-in-chicago
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