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  1. I've listened to this song 4 times this morning. I know Sondre isn't for everyone, but this may be a contender for song of the year. https://youtu.be/6s6JfT6T_Wk
  2. Lost my job today. Been there 14 years. Started when I was 19. I guess I file for unemployment and hope they hire me back when we go back to normal living? I don’t know what to do. Face hurts from crying. Terrified they’re gonna lay my husband off too.
  3. One interesting thing to note that was a little unusual, Jeff was having a little bit of trouble with his acoustic guitar cable throughout the night, not sure if anybody else heard it, but it was kinda buzzy several times, and he had to have Matrix fix it a couple times. Kinda sounded like the connection was going out a bit. Also, during Misunderstood, I thought it was awesome they had a matching chorus-ey effect on Jeff’s guitar and vocals. It sounded more like the original recording (ps- I counted 32 nothing’s). Definite highlight was Casino Queen watching Nels and Brian switch off lea
  4. It’s interesting that they use the wedge monitors now instead of in-ears, but I think it helps them sound even better.
  5. I never saw that incarnation (I wish!!), but I do remember it well from back then. The late YHF early AGIB era.
  6. It’s the string sounding synth loop stuff that’s taped.
  7. SarahC

    2020 Touring

    That is absolutely bananas. $1500!! Is the time of being priced out of Wilco shows coming soon? Or at least getting decent seats for under $200....
  8. Fairly certain it was their rehearsal room set up that they use prior to every show.
  9. I’m going. Hoping to get there early enough to be at least in the front row.
  10. Dude, that C-chord thing was tripping me out... was trying to figure the song out by ear, and your tab confirmed I had it right. Thanks!! Also, I always appreciate your chord posts.
  11. Why are you trying to squash other people’s fun? Pogoing guy was having fun...who cares how old he is or what he’s wearing? It sounds like it’s more a you issue than a band issue... if they didn’t wanna play shows, don’t you think they’d stop touring so consistently? They play cos they like it, they’re professionals at what they do, yes, but they obviously still get something out of it, too.
  12. I think that’s kinda what they do, right? The mix it up a fair amount. I’m going to 3 shows this leg, and I’d honestly be fine if it were the same set night after night.
  13. I like that idea. We could call it the “highy messed up freaks!!11!” does anybody remember that?
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