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  1. I think, probably fall, maybe early 2024 after the holidays, given the way their touring schedule takes a bit of hiatus towards the end of any given calendar year. They’ll prob announce something a SBS, if I was a gambling type of lady I would probably bet on it.
  2. Thanks! it was a great show. I hope somebody taped it so I can remember what exactly Jeff said.
  3. Me too. I loved it— my sister worked in restaurants for years and said it was pretty accurate in terms of chaos sometimes.
  4. Wait til you get a couple episodes further…
  5. It’s finally happened and I can’t connect with this album. I’m listening it just doesn’t spark for me. I don’t know why. I feel sad about not loving it and also guilty for not feeling anything other than “meh” about it. Hmm.
  6. I remember going to the library in high school claiming to need to "research" to check the forums daily because our dial-up internet at home was too slow. Getting lost in the RTTs and the endless strings of hilarious jokes and random stuff. Spending hours pouring over show reviews and new album break downs. I remember running from the bus to the mail box after school to check for new B&P shows in the mail, or demos, or album leaks. This place definitely played a huge part in my musical education, and expanding my horizons to new sounds and ideas. I re
  7. Was there. felt guilty the entire time being at a show during these times we’re in with the Great Unpleasantness that is COVID. The show was exactly what I expected for a festival set from them. No surprises. sound on the rail was absolutely garbage though. Totally unbalanced and I guess that’s also to be expected for an outdoor stage in a park with no dedicated set up for music — or maybe I just forgot how loud live music is. Glad we brought earplugs for Sunday after I got sick from the loudness and bass Saturday… anyway I was stoked for Wilco to come even though I dou
  8. Lolol I doubt Jeff remembers we were gonna do that. If I see him maybe I’ll be brave and ask.
  9. Noooo… you’re thinking riverbend! That festival finally kicked the bucket after over 30 years or something. I have great memories from going as a kid, but the last 10 years or so they were booking awful acts. We used to sneak in through the aquarium loading docks after work. the festival Wilco is playing is moon river. It was originally in Memphis, but I think it outgrew where they were having it, so it moved to Chattanooga for some reason. i actually got to perform on the kids stage there in 2019. I had written a bunch of songs about animals for my job at the aquarium.
  10. Holy shit. They're headlining a small fest here in Chattanooga in September. Holy shit. I have to figure out how to afford tickets. It's at a little park downtown-- where my husband and I had our first date. The 2nd time ever Wilco will have played Chattanooga. The first was 1999 at The Bay (a heavy metal club that I never actually got to go to, because I was 11 in 1999).
  11. I've listened to this song 4 times this morning. I know Sondre isn't for everyone, but this may be a contender for song of the year. https://youtu.be/6s6JfT6T_Wk
  12. Lost my job today. Been there 14 years. Started when I was 19. I guess I file for unemployment and hope they hire me back when we go back to normal living? I don’t know what to do. Face hurts from crying. Terrified they’re gonna lay my husband off too.
  13. One interesting thing to note that was a little unusual, Jeff was having a little bit of trouble with his acoustic guitar cable throughout the night, not sure if anybody else heard it, but it was kinda buzzy several times, and he had to have Matrix fix it a couple times. Kinda sounded like the connection was going out a bit. Also, during Misunderstood, I thought it was awesome they had a matching chorus-ey effect on Jeff’s guitar and vocals. It sounded more like the original recording (ps- I counted 32 nothing’s). Definite highlight was Casino Queen watching Nels and Brian switch off lea
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