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  1. Setlist: Via Chicago I Am My Mother Cruel Country Handshake Drugs Story to Tell War on War Hummingbird Love Is Everywhere (Beware) Pot Kettle Black Bird without a Tail / Base of My Skull How to Fight Loneliness Impossible Germany Forget the Flowers Box Full of Letters Falling Apart (Right Now) Jesus, etc Hate It Here Late Greats I'm Always in Love (encore) California Stars Red-Ey
  2. Thanks for posting the setlist, confirms my notes, too. I'm reposting the list here just to add song numbers and start/finish times. (the band takes the stage at 9:19) 1. Dawned On Me 2. I Might 3. I am trying to break your heart> 4. One Wing 5. Bull Black Nova 6. Radio Cure 7. Born Alone 8. Hummingbird 9. The Whole Love 10. Handshake Drugs 11. Jesus, etc 12. Capitol City> 13. I'm the man who loves you 14. Standing O 15. Country Disappeared 16. Impossible Germany 17. One Sunday Morning 18. Poor Places> 19. Art of Almost ---------- (encore starts at 11:00) 20. Via Chicago 21. Forget
  3. I don't know about the vinyl, but I recently bought Being There on CD for $18.99 at Barnes & Noble.
  4. I'm also looking for one or two tickets for Friday or Saturday; I know it's unlikely but I thought I'd try at least. mtkbrauer@gmail.com Thanks.
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