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  1. Ryan on KCRW today talking about his new album: “I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything harder than I have on it, and I’m still working on it, which is amazing. In fact, when I leave here, I go straight over to work on it more. And I think, probably, it’s the most songs I ever wrote for a record and it’s the most emotional…whatever this process was, was so cathartic, and was cathartic in a way where I actually made songs where I would listen back to what I had to say and go, ‘That is really messed up.’ Or listen to something and go, ‘There’s actual hope in there.’ What does that mean? I
  2. Another hilarious quote Tweedy made in reference to Sheboygan was "Sheboygan is the kinda town where if you can make it here.....you can make it anywhere!"
  3. Late Late Show acoustic performance of Gimme Something Good. also....He and wife Mandy Moore are splitting....
  4. Wilco's performance last night was special to me. Playing music spanning over their 20 career brought back a lot of memories, seeing them in small clubs in Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison back in the 90s. . A few of the songs made me think about Jay Bennett too. Thanks for all 20 years Wilco!
  5. I was blown away when wilco play two nights in a row in my hometown. It was when they were putting the finishing touches on Wilco (the album). photo shoot for album cover and baseball game appearance, two shows at an amazing local venue. they've never performed two consecutive days in my town. so it was heaven for me. however, chicago is only 90 miles away but tickets are difficult to get. cheers to all.
  6. Seeing Golden Smog shows are still some of my very favorites show to this day. damn good times!
  7. my love for the band has waned due to all the inner band drama. but the music is still great.
  8. Woohoo 2 tickets for Milwaukee!!! aisle seats. let Rock it! 20 year anniversary. Hopefully they throw the deli tray again...
  9. agreed. Ellen is a weird show to perform for his Rock image but he is really promoting the new album so why not. not as cool at Colbert Report.
  10. Yes Dec 3rd in Brew City! How about a gig in Madison at the Barrymore Theatre?...just like old times!!!
  11. for some reason, this record release had me as excited for when wilco released Summerteeth. so happy. i saw Tweedy perform in august, which was awesome, but after listening to the record, id love to experience the band again.
  12. Ryan Adams and Johnny Depp onstage together in London.
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