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  1. I'm not aware of anywhere you can stream live Wilco outside of the official Nugs site
  2. They're wide open. There were four of us. Relisten pulls from archive.org's Live Music Archive, and Wilco never agreed to have their shows hosted there.
  3. *Plantations I think. Totally forgot that site existed
  4. My tape of last night (might still be uploading) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fhlco9cfxhzmj78/AADOqa59fMtKWLlb6aaAQPyva?dl=0
  5. Just got word that we should be getting these tapes sometime very soon. They're mixed and ready to go
  6. This is my only show this tour. I just think the song could use a break.
  7. Had a great time last night. Thought the new songs fit in pretty well (with an exception or two.) Nice to see that they're rotating more songs than they were on Schmilco tour, but would still love to see even more variety night to night. Man Who Loves You and I Got You both felt pretty flat and could use a bit of a break IMO (as could Jesus, but people seem to love that song.) Loved seeing ALTWYS and Theologians, and thought Misunderstood was great as the set ender. Overall solid setlist and show. Will try to have my tape uploaded later today. ETA: There was also some great banter last night, including Jeff cajoling a guy for walking across the lip of the stage taking photo/video. Said "I hate that guy" and then called him an asshole
  8. Just finished up a pretty solid weekend. Shanghai Symphony Wednesday, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch with Wynton on Friday, Amanda Shires Saturday, and Mark Knopfler Sunday
  9. Went to Red Rocks this past weekend. Great to have MMJ back. They sounded fantastic. My recordings of both nights: https://archive.org/details/mmj2019-08-02.cm33 https://archive.org/details/mmj2019-08-03.CM33
  10. I still can't help but think of Star Wars and Schmilco as one long record. They're both short and complete each other tonally
  11. Sooooooo is that countdown on Instagram new record related?...
  12. Same in DC. They were onstage a few min before 9
  13. Pay for nugs. You get all the roadcase stuff
  14. Rolling Stones. Probably in the rain
  15. My tape of the two new tunes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zfn309ztfn08sqw/new%20wilco.mp3?dl=0
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