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  1. I wouldn't care quite as much about the ban on taping if they actually put new shows in the Roadcase or on Nugs. It's been over a year with no new shows. Pretty silly. In the meantime, we're lucky there are some intrepid tapers who managed to capture some shows from this year.
  2. Annoying that the Scottsdale show is general admission, lawn only. Sounds like everyone is going to be sitting on low-rise lawn chairs and you can't stand.
  3. I got the CD deluxe box - nice package and lengthy essay/oral history, but are there really no recording notes? i.e. no descriptions of when the alternate and in-progress versions were recorded? Is this info available elsewhere?
  4. It's a very subtle, "headphones" album. I'm not sure how well the songs translate live (based purely on listening to audience recordings, not from attending a show).
  5. Some of the best lyrics of Jeff's career, really extraordinary
  6. Me last week: this whole "play the entire Star Wars album" is getting a little old Me this week: they're not playing "You Satellite," "Taste the Ceiling," and "Magnetized"?!
  7. The music-only Psychoderelict is one of Townshend's best solo albums. There are some great songs on there. Releasing it with all the dialogue was a disastrous mistake - but he was deep in his Tony Awards phase back then, and was way too committed to melding rock and theater. Is it heresy to say "Neil Young: almost everything after 1979"?
  8. I've only listened once, but this strikes me as their best since Ghost Is Born. Then again, this is exactly the kind of Wilco I like. More stripped down, rockin' without being too dad-rocky, melodic but unconventional. Really, really strong stuff, and a nice surprise!
  9. Never thought I would skip a Wilco show when they were so close to me, but the heat plus the exorbitant ticket prices were just too much to deal with. I also figured we'd get a festival set without many of the rarities they'd been playing. I can't help feeling a little schadenfreude when I hear about the promoters handing out free GA tickets (which were $85 or so, right?) Much respect for the folks who went and stuck it out, though! Sounds like you saw a nice performance. Hopefully next time the band comes back to one of the many fine theaters in the Phoenix/Tucson area.
  10. Saw both shows in Phoenix and they were outstanding. The spectacle is jaw-dropping, but doesn't swallow up the band, in my opinion. There are plenty of songs where it's just the four guys playing, with the screen dark. And when they use the screen, it makes sense thematically. The new songs have a lot more kick than on the album. They're clearly still working out the setlist; both shows ended somewhat anti-climactically, and the second half of the show is too "greatest hitsy" for me (although I'm sure I was in the minority there). I'd like to see a couple more rarities. First 75 minutes are br
  11. Jeff did make a joke about how Liam Cunningham was only in the band because he went to school with Spencer, and if we could hear him in the mix, something was terribly wrong. Liam, at the rear of the stage, responded by silently shredding on his guitar. Pretty funny. Great to hear a recording is on the way!
  12. Great show - I honestly enjoyed this more than the last few times I've seen Wilco. Very intimate performance in the small theater, and the Sukierae songs were excellent. I requested "Solitaire" a bunch of times on the website, so I was especially happy to hear that one. It was a pretty chill crowd, and I don't believe the show was sold out. Tweedy scolded us for not applauding enough before the encore. "That was bullshit. We've been playing really hard for two hours. We came back because we want to play, not because you gave it up enough." That led to louder cheers, and we were told things w
  13. Pretty hard to pay $85 plus service charges to see Wilco in a baseball park in Scottsdale when I'm paying $36 to see Tweedy in a 1,200 seat theater in Tucson.
  14. If you have Red Rocks tickets, I'd hold onto them. I think I'm going to pass on Scottsdale, as much as it pains me to miss a Wilco show. But I've seen them enough times in the front row that I don't need to pay $100 for the privilege. If I had a reserved seat in the first few rows, it would be one thing, but to get a GA seat and stand in the triple-digit temps for hours...
  15. Debating whether or not to get a ticket for the Scottsdale show. Wilco rarely comes to AZ, so I feel like I should take advantage. But a daytime show (5:30 start) at a baseball field with $85 tickets...oof.
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