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  1. This may or may not be true. Right now there’s one source who does not quite get the shooters name right. In the long run he may be a white supremicist, but the sourcing is sketchy right now.
  2. My example is one whose only purpose is to score political points. Real media actually tries to do their job right and get tainted by this shit.
  3. Gateway pundit got to his name, looked him up and proclaimed him a liberal democrat voter etc... only they got it wrong, completely. The actual shooter spells his name with a k, nikolas. So now some guy is probably getting death threats and unwarranted harassment because some shit heads, Lucien Weintrich/gateway pundit, were trying to score quick political points rather than actually doing some reporting.
  4. Hannity has it covered, it’s clearly Obama’s fault. Seriously. His moronic followers won’t put 2+2 together though. Hannity says that Obama’s fed kept interest rates low and that caused artificially inflated prices that tanked last week and this week. That will be good enough for them. They won’t in any way shape or form acknowledge that those same policies have been in effect during the gains claimed by trump and touted by fox. Obama’s bad policies can touch single days of trading it seems.
  5. Paul Ryan stepped in it yesterday when he tweeted about a secretary who was getting an additional $1.50/week in her paycheck because of the tax cuts. He was rightfully ridiculed and deleted the tweet. People confuse their paycheck with tax relief these days and they shouldn’t. You should calculate the tax year over year using the old law and the new law and compare the tax. For instance if you have 4 or 5 exemptions and your deductions are in the $23k range and your in the new 22% bracket, depending on your income you could pay more under the new rules. You would still get $xx more in your
  6. a sin of omission in the Nunes memo is that the conservative Washington Free Beacon started the intelligence gathering on Trump. I believe they may have hired Baker McKenzie who hired Fusion who hired Steele, or they hired Fusion directly. Regardless the research was started by conservatives and Steele had no idea who the research was being done for. Note though the Free Beacon denies they had anything to do with this now, however it has been testified to in congress once or twice that this is the chain of events. Also omitted is that multiple sources have noted that when applying for the FI
  7. Exactly. However for trump fans what is in the memo is irrelevant. That the memo does not jibe with the narrative is irrelevant. Most will not read it. What is relevant to them is the story they have been sold. Edit: Red State .com and Breitbart are talking about the inconsistencies in the memo and how it does not really support what has been said recently. Judging by comments around the web though, the rank and file does not care. Preaching to the choir works for them.
  8. One more f’d up proposal from the beast. A dictatorial power. The irony is that dirty Dick Cheney worked to convert a ton of positions from appointee positions to career positions so he could embed conservatives on untouchable positions so they could continue to carry on Conservative positions...a deep state approach. Trump wants to make all positions subject to loyalty to him and politics. Pending Vlads approval though.
  9. It looks like Trump is inching closer to dictatorship. He told congress to go pound sand regarding their Russian sanctions law. Congress is dutifully looking for sand.
  10. I was pleasantly surprise to see Sturgill. He was pretty good.
  11. The book release has been moved up to tomorrow.
  12. Trump seems to unleash his most whacked out tweets as diversions, or so it seems. Are these latest tweets sent to divert attention away from Bannons comments in his book? Are they to divert attention away from the news that the FBI has been investigating and had someone inside the Trump Campaign since 2016? Or is there something worse coming down the pipe for trump? Also a few weeks ago Russia told the US to tone down the NK rhetoric...and it was toned down for about a month. Trump will not go to war against Putin’s wishes. Remember trumps outrage about the Chinese sending oil to NK? Not one
  13. I saw the movie yesterday and thought that essentially it’s just another star wars movie. Nothing great, nothing bad...just what I exeoevt in a SW movie. Didn’t like the furry little gremlin puffin like critters. I feel like they are only part of the movie for marketing toys to young kids. I liked some of the humor. Didn’t like the length. I also fell asleep during the casino scene and woke when they were flying away. So I agree the casino added little to the movie. Also...I’m not a huge Star Wars fanboy, I just see the movies when they come out because it’s Star Wars.
  14. Doug Jones appears to have won. If the vote totals hold true I would expect the first lawsuit, calling for a recount or somehow otherwise challenging the results will be file sometime tomorrow afternoon. Anything to prevent him from being seated as long as possible. Trumps tweets tomorrow should be interesting.
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