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  1. The last show of Wilco’s “Tour to Infinity” might be one of the most bizarre Wilco shows I’ve ever been to. Let’s start with the venue - a covered amphitheater with pew seating in the midst of a quaint, elitist town - reminding me heavily of the civilization the characters escaped to at the end of the movie “Bird Box”. I have a feeling Wilco will not be invited back, as the show was probably the most raucous the venue has had, and the woman who gave the introduction to the bands seemed very displeased as she tried to coral dancing people out of the aisles and front towards the end of
  2. They literally got me to eat my vegetables if they promised to play the “nothing song” afterwards.
  3. Fantastic show! It’s been nearly 5 years since we’ve seen them (my second longest hiatus, first being from birth until I was 5). I was so ecstatic when they opened with Misunderstood; it’s been my all-time favorite song since I was 3, and it’s possibly the reason why I’m so passionate about drumming today. I agree with you about the crowd - there were definitely a fair bit of people there who seemed to just be there to hang out, not enjoy a rock show. Nonetheless, I certainly had a spectacular time!
  4. To Jeff's point, those chairs were really comfortable...
  5. This show was awesome! Being my first show since the release of Ode to Joy, it was a treat to hear the newer songs (although my favorite, Everyone Hides, was omitted), and that was by far the best version of Laminated Cat I've ever seen/heard. Following the previous setlists, I was disappointed when Jeff put on the electric after Hold Me Anyway, as Misunderstood is my 2nd favorite Wilco song - behind Let's Not Get Carried Away (I'm a fan of Glenn, if you couldn't tell), but was ecstatic when they CLOSED with it! Thanks for the recap as always!
  6. Certainly sounds interesting. Courtney Barnett is probably my favorite alternative artist besides Wilco, so that would have been really cool to see. On a secondary note, if I would have gone and submitted a video of me doing a drum cover, I wonder what the chances would have been for me being Wilco’s drummer for a song or two
  7. I would like to apologize for my ignorance, but I'm terribly familiar with "Warmer". I know that it's a sister album, but how do you know the track list?
  8. That was an awesome show! If Wilco or Jeff Tweedy is within 4 hours of Pittsburgh, there’s a decent chance I’ll be there. Regarding the comment about a bunch of people leaving, I was on the aisle, and I had to get up at least half a dozen times to let men out to use the restroom (during songs). However, for my first time seeing Jeff solo, it was an incredible show. I loved hearing Handshake Drugs as well as You and I. I believe you (bbop) sat a couple rows ahead of us in the front left section. Overall, wonderful show.
  9. For anyone wondering where the encores were, this is from Wilco's website: 1Cry All Day2I Am Trying to Break Your Heart3Art of Almost4Pickled Ginger5At Least That's What You Said6If I Ever Was A Child7Misunderstood8Someone to Lose9Handshake Drugs10Via Chicago11Bull Black Nova12Reservations13Impossible Germany14New Madrid [uncle Tupelo]15California Stars16I Must Be High17We've Been Had18Heavy Metal Drummer19I'm the Man Who Loves You20Hummingbird21The Late GreatsENCORE:22Random Name Generator23Jesus, Etc.24Spiders (Kidsmoke)ENCORE:25Casino Queen26Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  10. To my knowledge, Glenn does this to get a duller thud on his snare drum. For example, in "Laminated Cat", and "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart", he hits the drum with the back of his stick for a different sound.
  11. I love that they are bringing back some songs from Sky Blue Sky, which is my personal favorite album
  12. I'm surprised Jeff did not make a similar comment when I fervently requested Let's Not Get Carried Away so many times. Needless to say, I do feel bad as after I did this, Wilco took down the "request a song" button for nearly a year...
  13. What a show! This was personally in my top three favorite shows that I've been to out of eight. The overall energy and atmosphere from both the crowd and the band was wonderful. Stage AE is always a wonderful venue, especially in the summer. It reminded me of Lifestyle Communities Pavilion - the venue they played in Columbus a few years back. This was my first show after the release of Schmilco, and the "fauxliage" backdrop is beautiful. Jeff was particularly chatty tonight, and the banter was hilarious. Towards the beginning he thanked the audience for coming to see them even though the
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