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  1. Very late call for me to get to this one. Picked up a ticket off a scalper in the street when gig had already started so got in for under face value,First time in a good while, Wilco had disappeared from my life a bit over the ‘Star Wars’ and ’Schmilco’ period (below par imo). Agree that Pat looked a bit disconnected/bored early on but perched up a bit in second half. Couldn’t help noticing that Jeff does seem to like the Greatest Hits approach in London (maybe the crowd history from years back?) Aside from new stuff, setlist wasn’t a million miles from Shepherd Bush Empire shows in 2007 ie
  2. Ashamed to say I didn't go last night. Kind of wish I had now, but share your thoughts on recent material. Been to all the other London shows. 'Wilco'd out' maybe. Dunno, the relative lo-fi feel of recent stuff not so suited to Wilco's natural home maybe. Some of the stuff growing on me but it's not Tweedy's strongest material imo.
  3. John is to a certain extent I remember from a past conversation with him. Knew who Steven Gerrard was. Nice review above. Nicely observed. Albert Hall is an old Wesleyan Chapel I think, delightful space right opposite the old Free Trade Hall (now a posh hotel) possibly the most famous of the old venues in north of England. Didn't the Pistols play their seminal gig there in '76? Update: (from Wiki) Bob Dylan played here in 1965, and again in 1966,[9] the occasion of the "Judas!" shout.[10] In the late 60s Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, The Moody Blues, Tyrannosaurus Rex, (Marc Bo
  4. Not doing this tour. Schmilco just sounds like Tweedy outtakes to me. Motions being gone through. Best gigs they did in UK with current lineup were at Shepherds Bush in 2007.
  5. a little peacock tells me End Of The Road Festival in Dorset first week September
  6. Dare I say it, threatening to become Chicago's finest. Classic songwriter, fantastic live and compelling person. New record Perpetual Motion People album of the week/month pretty much across the board in UK. Seen him several times in intimate venues over past 15 months and amazed he's only now getting some recognition. I'm not alone...
  7. Yep, not as it he doesn't stand out in a crowd, either, but I guess it's just to live a normal life. Said he'd also been digging around recently in record boxes in Reading too, not far from where he lives, so clearly not bothered by being a fan in with the fans. Nice fella.
  8. Well, got on train from London Paddington yesterday out towards the Thames Valley, sat down, and there opposite me was Jimmy Page. A bit grumpy at first (after I'd re-introduced myself, having met him once before on a plane to Tokyo in 2002) but then a real pleasure. 'Don't ask me about Robert Plant' became a thoroughly engaging, enthusiastic endorsement of the vinyl revival. He's just been to a record fair in London, digging though crates of old records with other punters who must have had a double take or two on seeing one of rock's royalty getting down and dirty on the shop floor. Any
  9. Agree about being a fraction too far back on the stage. Not helped by this being a proper musical theatre so there was an empty orchestra pit space betwen front row of audience and the stage apron. Sound was excellent. Holds about 3K plus I think and it was pretty full in there though couldnt really see how busy it was in the top section. Lovely theatre of course though it seemed a bit un'rock' having the red blazered ushers all over the place in the concourse etc. Spoke to couple of well travelled music security blokes who reckoned it wa the first ever 'rock' gig at Palladium. Nice. I c
  10. Stones didn't really do it for me - I thought the pay per view thing they did in the US for 50th anniversary was better. Mick gone a bit karaoke for me and Keef, yep, barely alive, though Ronnie Wood more than covers for him. The whole weekend though a digital triumph for BBC with so much stuff being shown live on tv and online and now up online on above link, though I'm not sure if it's available outside UK. Agree about the punters up onstage with their Ipads filming the disco shindig but nonetheless Chic and Nile R were superb. Loved it after that epic 'Good Times' when the crowd wouldn'
  11. Great coverage of six different stages live of Glastonbury all weekend. www.bbc.co.uk/glastonbury Stones on tonight...and huge amounts to watch live - take your pick
  12. Tend to agree with this. An excellent way of raising extra money for the charity by selling copies via roadcase. It does smack a little of being an exclusive club for the well heeled. Huge credit to Jeff, a selfless and generous act in the first place. Something to be proud of (but maybe shared a little wider)
  13. No mentions for 'Let It Loose'....? Great vocal
  14. Great full band version of Sunken Treasure.
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