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  1. "Tried and True (alternate)", (i.e. early version of "Summer Teeth" with a different chorus) is fun. To me it sounds like the theme song of a terrible TV show, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they were going for.
  2. Just finished it last night and I have pretty much the same opinion. I also write songs at a slow trickle (been writing for about 20 years and I've got around 30 songs to show for it) but I still learned a lot from reading the book. And it's such an easy read I can see myself reading it again from time to time. I particularly benefitted from the stuff about writing lyrics because I've always found making the music easier but lyrics are more difficult. I'm quite grateful that he put in the effort to write this book. He'll inspire more people to make their own art. Hi
  3. “Opaline” is already one of my favourite JT songs, full stop.
  4. Yes! It sounds very live but still pristine quality. Some parts remind me of Neil’s Harvest and other parts feel like some 50s country band. The music feels so real and it has depth.
  5. I haven't posted here in a few years, but just wanted to see how the discussions on this album are going. I think it's really, really good. The band is so tight, which is not too surprising with the family connection. The "power lines" lyrics in Troubled caught me off guard. I was thinking "I recognize those words..." and re-listened to Ode to Joy and found them in the last song. haha, yes!
  6. haven't posted here in a while (years) but just dropping by to say I was going to go to this show but had an annoying cold so stayed home instead of sitting outside (and i live about 100km out of town so it'd be a late night). gave my ticket to a friend. bummed to have missed it, especially since this new album is so awesome. hope they come back again soon. though i was disappointed to miss it, i liked being able to go to bed at 10:30pm instead of 12:30 or 1:00 as it would have been had i gone to the show.
  7. Just did the one with the drummer (wearing the wilco shirt) who wanted a cheaper price on the drum kit. I'm on puzzle 554 out of 600 (I think). What will I do when I get to the end? I don't know if I can stick to just one jumble per day! LAL HET SETB OT UYO OTO :)
  8. Whoa HUGE bump from the last post in this thread but I was playing a whole bunch of jumbles and saw wilco shirts very often. You see, I downloaded the Just Jumble app. I've gone through over 500 jumble puzzles in the last couple of weeks since I downloaded it. Anyway all the wilco shirts reminded me of this thread I started in 2008(!). So, Just A Kid, I just wanted to say your jumbles are awesome. The drawings are great and the puns are perfect. I love how the answers are always completely true but have the separate pun meaning too. So are you Jeff or David? Edit: never mind I realize you
  9. I'm in Canada and have yet to receive my preorder of the vinyl album. I am pretty excited to get it, because (1) it's an awesome album and hearing it on vinyl will fill me with love(!), and (2) the long version of OSM!! I haven't downloaded or listened to any vinyl rips yet, since i'm waiting for my own copy. On the CD version, I don't really like the fade out, because it does feel sort of like someone ended the party early. so I'm pretty sure I'll love the LP version. but on the topics of fadeouts in general... i think it depends on the song. i can think of some songs where a fadeo
  10. I sat down and wrote a review(ish) of this show for my blog. If anyone's interested... http://staircar.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/wilco-at-massey-hall-in-toronto/
  11. opener, but awesome. you should do everything you can to make it for Nick Lowe.
  12. well, I went to this show last night, and it blew me away. I've seen Wilco 5 or 6 times now (I've sort of stopped counting), and they just get better and better. Art of Almost -> I Might alone was the highlight for me. I love this new album and the songs sounded so good live. In all the times I've seen Wilco, they've played 2 encores, so I was a bit surprised that it was "cut short". I heard that there are ridiculous curfews in Massey Hall, as mentioned above, about finishing by 10:30 or something like that. Well, that was the only "downside"... just that I thought it would be a bit
  13. "You creep, how do you stop whispering? Thinking about you, ANYONE can play guitar." after that it doesn't really work, except "prove yourself! I can't!" edit: yes, I know these aren't Wilco songs, but the idea reminded me of it
  14. having seen them several times now, I think what I would enjoy most is all new songs. just play the whole new album front-to-back. if that's a little short, then some old songs as an encore. so here's my ideal setlist, at the moment, keeping in mind i've already heard most of my favourites live: 1. Art of Almost 2. I Might 3. Sunloathe 4. Dawned On Me 5. Black Moon 6. Born Alone 7. Open Mind 8. Capitol City 9. Standing O 10. Rising Red Lung 11. Whole Love 12. One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) ------------- 13. Radio Cure 14. Wishful Thinking 15. Dash 7 1
  15. 1a. In 1997 or so, I saw a video on muchmusic. It was the video where they are all skydiving with their instruments. I didn't really like the song too much, but I remembered the band name. 1b. In 2002 or so, a friend of mine really liked Wilco. He had Being There and Mermaid Ave 1. He was friends with not only me, but my sister too. Somehow he lent my sister his Wilco CD's, saying "this is awesome - you should listen to it". So I didn't directly listen to it, but I heard my sister listening to a couple of songs (I remember Far Far Away and California Stars in particular). It didn't
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