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  1. Jeff commented on night one that he doesn't want to get involved as it's an "audience issue, not a band issue", but some of my favourite shows have been where the artist directly controls the matter. On his Piano & a Microphone tour, Prince would tell people what to do before each song. "On your feet!" before Raspberry Beret. "You may be seated" before the tender ballads. I loved it! Also, for future reference for shows at Massey, there is a legitimate dancing zone that I was relegated to for a portion of the show. No one in the balcony was standing at the start of the show, but I just H
  2. I was fortunate enough to attend both nights, and for my money, night two blew night one away. Night one was a good show, but night two was a GREAT show! Both nights, the band took the stage promptly at 8:30. Night one was full of great moments, but I felt the setlist lacked flow. Every time a bit of energy got going in the crowd, the band kinda diffused it by bringing it down again. Which made the sit-stand battle even more awkward. I had a front row seat on the floor and it was hard to get fully immersed in the show when half the people in the front row were rockin', so I'd get up to rock wi
  3. Last night was FANTASTIC! A bit of awkwardness when I got up to dance in the pit during Wilco and MMJ and was told to sit down repeatedly. I just bounced over to the "groove zone" and boogied with some others, so kudos to you if those people are 'round here! If anyone has an extra poster, I would happily purchase one for a premium. Please let me know and hopefully we can work something out! Thanks kindly!
  4. Can't wait! I jumped on board when MMJ was announced as the headliner, and now to see Wilco added as the Sunday closer is just too awesome. For the price, I don't think this festival can be beat. Also greatly looking forward to a hotel festival after five years of Roo-ing.
  5. Hey guys, just heard from Wilco HQ that the downloads are now officially back up and running! Follow the instructions on the DVD and all the bonus tracks will be yours.
  6. Well, just had my debut viewing of the DVD and all I can say is -- WOW. The 5.1 mix on this thing sounds incredible. Don't know if this kinda thing flies around here, but seeing as the link from the extras folder on the DVD is dead, would anyone be kind enough to share with me the audio downloads? I'd do whatever it takes to prove I bought the thing, I just want to complete the package that I paid for! Once again, any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks either way!
  7. Booooo!! Man, what a bummer. Thanks so much for the quick answer though! Hopefully they're back up soon.
  8. Did I miss the boat on these free downloads with the DVD? I fiiiiinally got around to purchasing the DVD, and followed the link from the "extras" folder on the DVD, but it keeps on taking me to the ol' 404 - Page does not exist error. I skimmed through past threads and saw some people had to sign up, but I believe that was through the old Wilcoworld. Can't seem to find any sign up page now, other than "sign in" through Facebook. I tried that and got the same 404 error. Anyone have any ideas? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very kindly in advance.
  9. I love this song. I hadn't listened to the stream yet, and heard this song for the first time live at the show the other night. I thought they were doing a rather psychedelic cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "59th Street Bridge Song", and I was pretty pumped. However, it quickly became apparent this song was no cover. I became entranced. The verse harmonies somehow sounded BETTER than Simon and motherfucking Garfunkel. The moment the "whooooooooooooole love" refrain hits, you know why they named the album after it -- because that hook is fucking amazing. It's Wings, it's Simon and Garfunke
  10. Drove by Massey on my way home from work tonight, and saw Nels chatting it up outside the bus with a few folks. Hopefully a VCer was part of that! I really shoulda just parked and shook his hand.
  11. I don't see what this 10:30 curfew is all about. Is this self-imposed? I've seen bands play till at least 11 at Massey. Hell, a few months ago Levon Helm played till after midnight! Oh man, talk about making a great show even greater. That's a great capper to a great set right there.
  12. Sounds like a great show! Opened with One Sunday Morning! California Stars, are you kidding me?! One Sunday Morning Art of Almost I Might IATTBYH Kamera Company in my Back Born Alone Shot in the Arm Rising Red Lung Impossible Germany How to Fight Loneliness Pot Kettle Black Dawned on Me Hummingbird Misunderstood Jesus Etc. Hate It Here California Stars Monday Outtasite I'm A Wheel http://yfrog.com/mejcjtxj
  13. I will add -- Glenn has hypnotic stage presence. I found it hard not to get lost in watchin' him rock.
  14. Really can't stop thinking about this show. I have quickly learned that a live Wilco experience is a gateway drug. I need more shows now! It kills me to be sitting at work for the midnight shift knowing I'm missing a Wilco show a few blocks away. And you just know they're going to kill it tonight.
  15. My first Wilco show and I had an amazing time. I loved all the flubs, you can see that they have to battle through rust just like everyone else. The debacle that was "She's A Jar" was just so damn endearing, and when they finally kicked in it made the ending that much sweeter. However, I gotta say -- this show was waaaaay too short. Just over an hour and a half. Though what was played was fantastic so I really can't complain. They just left me wanting more, like any good band should I guess. I was able to get a pretty funny video of the first few minutes of "The Late Greats", before a very kin
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