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  1. Need 1 ticket orchestra level for Atlanta Thurs 9/29. I know it's not sold out - before I hit up TicketMaster for an upper level ticket I'd like to find one on the first level. Face value please. email w4pa at yahoo dot com
  2. I was confused by this too ... and when I bought my presale tickets for the Ryman (not Gold Circle - in the balcony) the only option available was Will Call. There was no other click box to check. I thought this meant **ALL** Ryman presale were Will Call. Was this not correct? "Will Call Only" for presale is fine, and Wilco and Frontgate should at least emulate the Avett Brothers presale which is ALL TICKETS for ALL SHOWS sold presale are Will Call only. That would stop about 99% of the scalping of presale tickets.
  3. Anyone have on sale info? The Wilco website seems to have changed/crashed/gotten shaky this afternoon and won't load right.
  4. Generally how fan club pre-sales work is 10% of the total tickets available to the public are sold through the pre-sale and represent a mix of tickets across what is available - at the front, in the balcony, wherever. Your chances of getting good seats are neither better nor worse versus TicketMaster.
  5. Walking distance for hotels is a must for large concert events - this isn't something Wilco's mgmt have figured out yet. Essential.
  6. The Avett Brothers are already listing a date for 6/22/2011 in the UK ... just an example.
  7. Well ... I'll admit it, I'm not made of $$. When I plan my annual 3 week European trip, I book the tickets early for one of two reasons. 1) Fare sales for summer travel are usually between mid-January and March 1. 2) cashing in frequent flyer miles for European tickets (my other modus operandi) is more difficult the closer you get to the dates you want - and 6 months out is considered "close". Since dropping $2500 for a pair of plane tickets (non-sale summer pricing) every year is difficult, I try to hit the fare sales for both or buy one ticket and cash in miles for the other or cash i
  8. I will be in Europe for 3 weeks in 2011 between May and September. Fare sales for Europe summer travel usually occur in February or so - and that's when it's time to decide when and where for the yearly run over there. In 2010, we missed Wilco Europe tours because the dates were not announced in a timely manner. We did enjoy seeing Pearl Jam in Italy on July 6 instead! People do schedule their lives around going to see concerts - and whomever announces the dates earliest wins.
  9. Yes, yes, yes - the point I was making is that usually there is a lot of discussion and actual posted tour dates for other bands in advance of the band actually announcing anything themselves. No offense to Wilco, but the updates on wilcoworld.net are very few and far between ... I'm on their Facebook page and email distribution as well ...
  10. Seems like this would be the touchstone yearly for people to go see the band as happens with others ... could be a seriously awesome event if they'd do an arena show each year!
  11. Even some general info like "SE USA in April, Europe in July" would help. It's funny, I'm on a discussion board for another band with a rabid fan base like Wilco and you always get the scoop on tour dates there well in advance, and there is very little of that here. Too bad, really!
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