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  1. I wonder why they didn't release this surprise album for Solid Sound and then play it in full live to that crowd. I'm sure it would have gone over much better. I know I loved watching the live stream from Pitchfork and loved that they were playing the whole album in its entirety. I watched it back afterwards and still think it was great. Sometimes I think people have such high expectations. It's a lot to put on a person (or band.)
  2. I don't know, it looks like they're having fun to me and as long as they are having fun and the shows are vibrant and it's doesn't look like it's a slog for them, I don't see why they should stop playing shows.
  3. T-shirt update: https://www.facebook.com/pwmwt/photos/a.510255135721858.1073741829.509743459106359/850217188392316/?type=1&theater
  4. Paul's shirt https://www.facebook.com/pwmwt/photos/a.510255135721858.1073741829.509743459106359/836364499777585/?type=1&theater
  5. I haven't figured it out yet but I'm following every day!
  6. Yeah, Seattle was I on front N on back. Portland was H on front O on back. Hmmmm
  7. Does anyone know the significance of the "I" painted on Paul's shirt?
  8. I think I'm gonna pass on Solid Sound this year. The logistics have become too expensive since year 1 (which I loved and was magical and pretty perfect). Last year's over crowding on Sat was a drag. My husband & I agreed that they'd have to woo us with the lineup if we were to attend again this year and we were both unswayed. I hope you all have fun though. It's a great venue.
  9. No kidding! They've had 2 years to work on this. C'mon!
  10. I thought they were going to surprise us with a Valentine's Day gift of the line up
  11. Wow! Great find! I love the SS portraits 2 video. It's really interesting and beautiful.
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