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  1. I wonder why they didn't release this surprise album for Solid Sound and then play it in full live to that crowd. I'm sure it would have gone over much better. I know I loved watching the live stream from Pitchfork and loved that they were playing the whole album in its entirety. I watched it back afterwards and still think it was great. Sometimes I think people have such high expectations. It's a lot to put on a person (or band.)
  2. I don't know, it looks like they're having fun to me and as long as they are having fun and the shows are vibrant and it's doesn't look like it's a slog for them, I don't see why they should stop playing shows.
  3. T-shirt update: https://www.facebook.com/pwmwt/photos/a.510255135721858.1073741829.509743459106359/850217188392316/?type=1&theater
  4. Paul's shirt https://www.facebook.com/pwmwt/photos/a.510255135721858.1073741829.509743459106359/836364499777585/?type=1&theater
  5. I haven't figured it out yet but I'm following every day!
  6. Yeah, Seattle was I on front N on back. Portland was H on front O on back. Hmmmm
  7. Does anyone know the significance of the "I" painted on Paul's shirt?
  8. I think I'm gonna pass on Solid Sound this year. The logistics have become too expensive since year 1 (which I loved and was magical and pretty perfect). Last year's over crowding on Sat was a drag. My husband & I agreed that they'd have to woo us with the lineup if we were to attend again this year and we were both unswayed. I hope you all have fun though. It's a great venue.
  9. No kidding! They've had 2 years to work on this. C'mon!
  10. I thought they were going to surprise us with a Valentine's Day gift of the line up
  11. Wow! Great find! I love the SS portraits 2 video. It's really interesting and beautiful.
  12. Yay! So happy for a non-festival tour!
  13. Ugh, MMJ would be a horrible at SS, imo. I can definitely do without Jim James AND his cape.
  14. I just had a chance to listen to this. It's up on youtube now. Damn, that final encore tore my heart up.
  15. For something local, they should check out Simi Stone.
  16. That's pretty much a dream come true for me!
  17. There is a shuttle that runs along route 2 from North Adams toward Williamstown. There is also a campground within walking distance of the venue. I'm planning to check airbnb as we get closer to June to try to find a place between North Adams and Williamstown.
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