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  1. Here's a pretty cool After Hours guide http://gridskipper.com/archives/entries/266812/266812.php
  2. They billed it as An Evening With Wilco. They weren't kidding. One of the greatest concerts I've ever seen. Get ready for one hell of a tour. Set 1 Price Is Right intro music Wilco (The Song) Bull Black Nova You Are My Face I Am Trying To Break Your Heart One Wing Shot In The Arm At Least That's What You Said Pot Kettle Black Deeper Down Impossible Germany California Stars % Either Way I'll Fight Handshake Drugs You Never Know Set 2 Spiders* What's The World Got In Store* Kamera* Hesitating Beauty*^ Sky Blue Sky*^ Casino Queen* Outta Mind (Outta Sight)* > Misunderstood Happy Birthday To Steve Heavy Metal Drummer Jesus, Etc Late Greats Hate It Here Walken I'm The Man Who Loves You Monday Encore Thank You Friends (Big Star) % In the middle of the song, Jeff brings up a boy named Max from the audience to sing and play guitar. * Acoustic ^ Requests from folks who had been waiting in line outside. They each won dinner for two at Doraku on Lincoln Road
  3. http://gridskipper.com/archives/entries/235/235767.php Here's a post I did on it.
  4. i'm thinking of flying out from new york city to at least catch the sunday show, but fear that i might just end up getting the same set i more or less got throughout the summer. i'm not whining, believe me. i've just been on a wilco binge these past two years and would be very pleased to see some variety. if it's just gonna be "that" set, with a few requests mixed in, then it may not be worth the voyage as much the residency dates were. sorry if this has been previously discussed.
  5. pretty sure there were 47 nothings. Spiders
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