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  1. I haven't posted here in a long time, but I was inspired to do so tonight. Because, got dang, what a great song this "Cars Can't Escape" is. It's better than most of the songs by most of the people in the entire world. Bump.
  2. I could hear the distant drums and sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar.
  3. Sigh, you're probably right. They could probably get a huge haul from the Rangers if they called tomorrow. Would rather see them reinvest at least some of the money they offloaded this offseason on a Stanton contract, though.
  4. I love this for the Marlins. High upside move with little risk. Paying Zambrano what we would have paid Volstad is excellent.
  5. It's less about being a proto-typical third baseman and more about him outgrowing SS, for me.
  6. One time, the team told him he needed to cut his dreadlocks for a new team policy. He shouted "Fucking trade me" in the locker room in front of reporters. Then he cut his dreads, didn't say anything more of it, hit .332/.386/.562 with 29 home runs and 51 stolen bases. I'm not worried about this at all.
  7. Hanley Ramirez is 6'3" 220 pounds. That's really freaking big for a short stop.
  8. The Zambrano and Soriano contracts are a lot bigger and longer than the Marlins' ones. Plus the Cubs don't really need to make moved like those to get fans to show up. The Marlins are kind of uniquely positioned to have every free agency dollar mean more right now, because it potentially means that much more interest in the club in a town that has a notoriously short attention span.
  9. (accidentally deleted this) They extended Hanley a full two and a half years prior to the incident you are talking about, and had been involved in negotiations with Johnson on an extension for at least two months prior to it. So, no, you're wrong. ----- It's a little bit odd, however they will have, for the first time since Wayne Huizenga sold the team, stadium revenue to put towards a team. In the old park, the received revenues from tickets sold and that's all. Now, they get parking, concessions, and whatever else is involved. So, no, it's nor particularly troubling. It makes perf
  10. You mean the ones every team in baseball receives in some form or the other and which they all agreed to share? Good point!
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