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  1. Hey, Can anyone hook me up with mp3's of Cars cant escape, magazine called sunset, and the heavier version of Camera? Thanks!
  2. bman


    Are there seats there?
  3. I was up front and my ears are still ringing from the crowd noise. This was my 14th show and I though it was a GREAT show and the crowd was totally into it.
  4. I saw Wilco 8 x's during the last two years..They never dissapoint..They always bring it..But yea I agree..They've gotten into a comfort zone of playing the same core group of songs..Misunderstood is my favorite song ever but it somehow lost its intensity recently.
  5. Jeff looks like a leprachaun with the green jacket and beard!!
  6. bman


    We've been had I'm always in Love CandyFloss E. L. T. I got You Red Eyed and Blue
  7. anyone have Montreal from last week?
  8. who is Paul! I was right behind that guy in Montreal. He looked familiar and I was joking that I'd probably see him in Mass..All of a sudden he's on stage! ... By The way, does anyone else hear Black Crowes in the news songs???? especially walken?
  9. hey, I cant do torrent.. Can someone post this as mps? I was at this show and it was GREAT!
  10. what is this venue like? I want to go somewhere on the canda tour..But to a place with no seats???
  11. lips were great on NYE.. But I heard sets rarley change.. They also play the same dumb covers and have the same stage show... Transmissions is a GREAT album... The first 2 songs ROCK, I have no idea why the lips have become this kind of Act.
  12. Jeff pulled his winter hat over his eyes and mumbled some lyrics in sprignsteen voice
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