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  1. This really is terrible news. I don't like any Wilco releases since More Like the Moon EP, I really feel Jay was 1/2 the magic. I've always hoped they would get back together... I see Jay Bennett / Jeff Tweedy as I see Strummer / Jones or Lennon / McCartney. Real Wilco is dead forever! The magic, the unique vocal melodies, the interesting song structures and instrumentation - it's never going to happen again.
  2. AGIB was the sharp dropoff in my opinion, and is only a hair better than SBS. I think there are a lot of Wilco fans who think this new stuff (AGIB and SBS) is real Wilco because they have never really got how good Summerteeth and YHF are. But these post-Jay albums are not even close. The last thing great moment of Wilco was the More Like the Moon EP, IMHO. I totally, totally agree. I totally, totally agree. Jeff's lyrics used to be weird and original in a good way (all of ST and YHF). Now they are to a large extent lyrical cliche's and lame narratives.
  3. I agree with the above post, I don't really like anything on this album. Most of it is ok and listenable, but I've concluded that whatever was there that made Wilco (Summerteeth/YHF) magical is gone. I think it goes back to Bennett being gone... I believe he was half the recipe. I will still see Jeff solo, he still seems to be amazing by himself, but I don't think I'll be seeing Wilco on tour. The new lineup sounds way too polished and soulless, and it shows on this album. Specifically on the new album, some of the vocal melodies are probably not that far off from they would have been
  4. It was a pretty great show. We showed up to pick up our tickets at about 2 pm, right as the band was sound-checking, with the doors open so we could see them. We watched them play 'Walken', the new song, about four times in a row, changing things up a bit each time. Very cool. And the setlist was awesome too: Far, Far, Away, She's A Jar (!), Airline to Heaven, Misunderstood, War on War... lots of great stuff. Finishing with Spiders was a dissapointment for me, but Shot in the Arm right before that was awesome, with Jeff letting the croud sing along. Jeff was wearing a walking cast, too,
  5. Joel Plaskett is awesome... he came to Windsor last year and played in a little box called Phog (this is usually where Elliott Brood plays too)... it was great, very intimate, and I was able to shake his hand afterwards and tell him he rocks.
  6. Yeah I'm so pumped to see them becoming more and more popular, they really are awesome. Mark and Casey from the band both went to my high school, then when Steve Pitkin (from Toronto) produced their EP he joined them after that as their drummer. I've seen them twice here in Windsor, and that number would be higher if we had some good venues with more capacity, because they always sell out. If this Wilco concert is just Wilco w/ Elliott Brood as the only opening act, that will be amazing. I suppose that would mean for sure that Casey and them would get to meet Wilco... man I want to get b
  7. Well consider this a little more of a confirmation then... July in Quebec. I wonder if I can get backstage....... Edit: By the way everyone should really check out Elliott Brood... I know one of the guys in the band, but I can honestly say without any type of bias they are great. You won't regret giving them a listen (they're opening for Wilco so you gotta check them out right?!). If you can get stuff from their first EP called Tin Type, it's really good, or anything live, or their major label album Ambassador is good too. It was nominated for a Juno (Canuck Grammy).
  8. My friend just told me his brother's band (Elliott Brood) is opening for Wilco in Quebec in July ... but I don't see the show on the website. Is this not yet announced?
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