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  1. I have heard all Of the live recordings and 2 of the studio tracks and I am so bored by it. I am one of the biggest wilco/tweedy fans and love when a song is challenging and takes toms of time to grow on me. But these songs seem...boring. And coming from tweedy it seems so unreal. I just don't get what has happened.
  2. One of the worst looking videos of all time. What year is this and why must is suck so bad. Did a robot create it?
  3. Oh man I really thought and hoped Red-Eyed and Blue and I Got You (At The End of the Century) were put on the shelf this tour. I am so sick of them. End with somehting else.
  4. chicago


    anybody heard the entire record yet? I see on another board some folks have. I guess it's out there for the listening.
  5. So where are the youtube videos of all the new songs played at solid sound? I have only seen 3.
  6. they play this shit alll the time!!! get the lead out..of the other songs....dont' leave them behind
  7. boring play blood of the lamb. play camera play something else besides ..i got you
  8. man is everybody high. this is not taht good. sooo many repeats...there are going to be sooo many good songs not played ? what happened? why the repeats night after night
  9. Wow this night is going to be uneven.. I mean, they are all great songs..but a lot of mellow ones.
  10. There is no reason to get there early. Unless you want a seat in the balcony. Otherwise you can get anywhere on the floor.
  11. I have two tickets for Friday and I have a conflict. Need to swap with somebody for 2 on Saturday.
  12. anybody have 2 tickets to saturday?.... Anybody???? please?
  13. This drop down, while a good list of songs, should only be a fraction of the songs they play. It is the list for the rest of the tour, not chicago. They should play soo many more than this in their chicago shows. This is the same list that they put up for the mill. park show.
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