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  1. Not Fade Away>>Bertha I think that was my favorite set of the whole festival
  2. Oregon just banned gatherings of 250+: https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2020/03/no-gatherings-of-250-or-more-people-in-oregon-for-4-weeks-gov-kate-brown-says.html
  3. 'Son Volt Plays "Trace"' has been added to the Newport Folk lineup.
  4. Not in order and incomplete, but here's what I remember: Bombs Above Some Birds Hummingbird I am Trying to Break Your Heart Impossible Germany New Madrid White Wooden Cross You and I Guaranteed Let's Go Rain
  5. bumpyjonas


    The setlists on Wilcoworld list it as "new unreleased Wilco".
  6. no, I went to the Boston shows
  7. St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Boston www.neilyoungarchives.com
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