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  1. The last half of Many Worlds sounds like it would fit right in on any of Mark Knopfler's solo albums, with those long, wistful, sliding guitar solos. I love it. In fact, at one point at Solid Sound (maybe this very song) Nels played a guitar similar to the one that appears on the cover of Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms. And before Sylvan Esso's set on Friday the PA played Knopfler solo tunes for a solid hour. That made me happy.
  2. Cruel Country is definitely a Listen-On-The-Headphones-at-home record for me. It is not my flavor of a Driving-In-The-Car type of album. Standout tracks for me include Hints, Tired Of Taking It Out On You, Falling Apart (Right Now). Lifetime to Find has the catchiest, most sing-along-y chorus of the album. There aren't many big sing-along moments on this record. Sad Kind of Way and Story To Tell also interest me.
  3. Wilco HQ <hq@wilcoworld.net>
  4. Thanks for the tip! The email was in my junk folder.
  5. I still feel that way when they don’t segue into Someone Else’s Song! Back in the day all three songs were played together. Opening Solid Sound in 2013 with I Got You was awesome.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday night as well. I didn't sense any negative vibes in my section nor in the audience in general - in fact the mood was palpably positive. I sat further back this night, which allowed me to enjoy the light show a little better. I was pretty happy with a few photos I was able to take, but I didn't get a chance to post them last night. I'll reply later with pics. The Good Part wasn't on my list of Deep Cut Prognostications so, good on the band for going deeper than even I guessed. In fact somehow that song was omitted from my YHF outtakes compilation originally, and
  7. A couple pennants/banners, assortment of tshirts, YHF lapel pin, YHF oval bumpersticker, IATTBYH patch, and a keychain i think.
  8. I truly enjoyed myself last night. Had I gone to Night 1, I too would have been perplexed by the short show, but I certainly would not have renounced my fandom. Jeff was very gracious to acknowledge the rumblings and he thanked the crowd for allowing Wilco the opportunity to make amends with a longer set. Very nice. I enjoyed hearing the "album version" of the songs. I've read comments from people who felt this approach was "limiting" ; if one wants to hear the extended jam versions of YHF songs, there is a good chance to hear any 4 or 5 YHF songs any given regular show. This was a speci
  9. Merch booth. Just sold out of last nights poster. Long but not too slow moving line. Seems to be a good supply of everything.
  10. Yes, any pics of the merch booth? What else is there besides show posters and the single vinyl? Cool YHF shirts/hats/pins/ anything?
  11. Yes, they are a significant leap up in price. At least for the good seats. Upper levels was 60-something dollars which came out to 82 with fees. I justified it by the fact it the venue is the Palace Theater and I love those old ornate venues, and I've never been to the Palace. And that they are special YHF shows. I did balk at seeing Jeff solo in Brooklyn this past summer because of those prices. Similarly at least one other big name artist I follow raised their prices considerably since the last time around. This seems to be the new normal, unfortunately.
  12. I am shocked at how easy it was to get tickets to the NY shows. Last time I got Wilco tix through TM, the tickets disappeared from the seating chart before I could even put them in my cart. Even 45-60 minutes after on-sale, plenty of seats, and some good seats, were still available. Perhaps not everybody is ready yet for big indoor shows. Maybe 4 shows was too much for NY. Perhaps the one-day-prior announcement wasn't enough time for out-of-towners to make travel plans (didn't tours used to be announced a week or more before ticket sales??). Anyhow, I aimed for two shows, and ended up gettin
  13. One thing they haven't done yet is play a set of all new music. Yes, there've been a couple years where they played a couple new songs, but it would be phenomenal to hear an album's worth of new songs for the first time. Star Wars would have been the perfect opportunity and the perfect album for that. Ode To Joy would not have been a good one to play in full at SS; hopefully they've got something more like Whole Love/SW planned for the next release and maybe debut at SS. A fun thing they could do, is select a fan to curate a setlist. Maybe a contest where you submit your setlist and a ran
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