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  1. Drive-By Truckers have completed a new album. Release date not known. Unusually, they did not preview any new songs during their recent tour. Soul Asylum have been working on a new record.
  2. I forgot to mention that Jay Gonzalez of the Drive-By Truckers released a solo album Back To The Hive, and it is very nice. (I Wanna) Hold You is the catchy lead "single." I also like the instrumental track Loons on the Lake. I also picked up the Foo Fighters's Medicine at Midnight. It's more my flavor than their last few albums, but I haven't kept it in heavy rotation. Chasing Birds is my favorite song off the album. Mdou Moctar (of Solid Sound 2019) released a new album Afrique Victime, and it was included on a few critics' lists of top albums of the year. I haven't gotten into it
  3. The download can be purchased at bandcamp for 10 dollars. Get the wav file to burn to CD and the MP3 for the ipod. I agree, it would be nice if there was standalone CD release, even if it was just a simple cardboard sleeve, for those of us who like to have official physical releases.
  4. So few of my favorite bands released new music this year, which was expected since most all of them put out albums in 2020. The new releases that I did pick up: Buffalo Nichols - Blues musician I learned of when he opened for Drive-By Truckers. I really like his sound. John Mayer - Sob Rock. First album by him that I've bought. I like the sound but it is too mellow to stay in heavy rotation in my car. Los Lobos - Native Sons. A collections of covers of southern California songs. Really good release. Richard Thompson - Serpents Tears and Bloody Noses. Two EP's collected onto one CD. A
  5. Thanks, good to know it is still available! I am tempted, it will be a nice companion to my Pearl Jam Philly Spectrum boxset, but it is hard to justify 60 dollars for a set of shows for which I already have the official MP3s and those excellent-quality audience recordings. I am curious why Wilco are releasing this seven years down the road when it would have been an obvious buy for me right out of the gate. Maybe I'll grab a copy on sale or a used copy down the road some day.
  6. Happy Birthday VC! My stats say I've been here fifteen years, I may have lurked for a couple years before that. I am glad this place is still around, even if I don't post much besides about the singular shows I attend. For setlists and show reviews and recording archives, this place is far better than the Social Media Site Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered and thus will remain an essential Wilco resource. Well actually it is better for anything and everything than the SMSWNSNBU, which, I just found out this morning, has led to the demise of another (private, non-music) forum that once was the g
  7. Trampled by Tyranny, LOL. Wilco should add their hit song, Vaccinating Beauty, to these setlists.
  8. Regular reader here too! Contributing a few photos from the Sunday July 18 show. Thanks Paul for your review! I'll add that, about 2/3-way through the show, before Evergreen, Jeff teased "I think this is the last song of the evening..... about my dead father." He then turned and looked back at Spencer and asked "Remember Grandpa?" eliciting a grimace from Spencer. An audience member asked what Jeff's father's name was, and Jeff said "Robert... "Robert Lee Tweedy." And then added that his dad voted for Obama twice and stopped going to the bars because they would not turn off Fox News. His
  9. I'm super happy to be looking forward to actual Solid Sound! I am curious why the switch to Memorial Day Weekend - was anything mentioned about that? I've grown quite fond of the end of June/official Beginning of Summer slot. Will be interesting to see what the Friday night theme night will be, if anything? Maybe they finally debut a new album in entirety at the festival? They were so close with Star Wars... and that would have blown people's minds too.
  10. Solid new albums recently out from Trapper Schoepp, Mdou Moctar, and Jay Gonzalez (of the Drive By Truckers). I also enjoyed the Foo Fighters' Medicine at Midnight much more than their past few albums.
  11. Yo can watch the whole show here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMLyJuRFdZi/ I really enjoyed the performance, besides the obvious elation of (half) the band being reunited. They trio of them should go on tour. Tri-co?
  12. Did you dream about killing again me last night? Did it feel alright to you?
  13. Nice! That is very cool. I am holding out for CD or digital release.
  14. Yeah, oddly, the digital release was a few months ago but the physical release was this week. That seems to be the direction the music industry is moving in. I echo all the above sentiments. Additionally, even when Cooley's writing contributions are minimal, the songs he submits are out-of-the-park great. DBT are pretty much the only band I listen to that are putting out topical songs of the times right now.
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