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  1. You're very welcome, Paul! I'm happy to contribute and to follow your good lead. I'll report back with photos later on!
  2. Wilco — 01 April 2023, Port Chester, NY (Capitol Theatre) [Night 3 of 3] At Least That's What You Said Spiders (Kidsmoke) The Universe Jesus, etc. You Are My Face Whole Love Mystery Binds I'll Fight Side With The Seeds One And A Half Stars Tired Of Taking It Out On You Everyone Hides Impossible Germany Sunken Treasure Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season) Reservations Either Way Hate It Here Dawned On Me ------------------------------------------------------- The Late Greats Heavy Metal Drummer A Shot In The Arm On And On And On Unsu
  3. On the recently released 2-CD version of Scarecrow there is an acoustic version of Small Town that sounds so much like 1990s Jeff Tweedy singing. It could well be an Anodyne outtake if I didn't know better. Next time there is a Tweedy Show I will be requesting Jeff to play this. This version apparently was posted to youtube four years ago so maybe it was also part of another release.
  4. Very few of my favorite bands released albums this year. I went to a bunch of shows but most bands were still promoting albums from 2020 and 2021 as they were touring for the first time since Rockdown began. So, there are only a handful of albums on my list. I might be forgetting one or two, but this was all I came up with. 1. Eddie Vedder - Earthling 2. Lucius - Second Nature 3. Joan Shelley - The Spur 4. Taylor Swift - Midnights Of other bands I like, I don't find myself returning to Drive By Truckers - Welcome 2 Club XIII. It's missing the edge and immediacy that was p
  5. Not Wilco but a song that sounds a lot like Wilco. I finally got a copy of the expanded 2-CD set of Dust by the Screaming Trees (I ordered a copy years ago and it went missing in the mail and anything else I found after that was from an overseas source), and on the second disc is the song Wasted Times, the beginning of which immediately struck me as very familiar. I spent about five minutes thinking of what song it reminded me of until the words to Say You Miss Me finally entered my head.
  6. At Irving Plaza in 2001 Jeff made comments that he really didn't like the Grateful Dead. He played Ripple a night or two before (Philly or Baltimore perhaps), and I recall that the story was he sang made-up/derisive lyrics. I don't have that tape but I was at/have tape of the Irving show. Maybe Jeff was just needling the particular audience member who got his attention, and didn't really mean what he said about the Dead. But I was surprised when later on when Jeff teamed up with the various remaining Grateful Dead elements. Maybe was just acting nice after growing up and sobering up, and havin
  7. Yes, the only way to get the super deluxe download is to buy the physical product. Think of it is paying good money for the download and getting a bonus physical product. The book that comes with the super deluxe is really cool, I feel that was worth my money. Corduroy Cutoff Girl is on the Super Deluxe. It is called American Aquarium.
  8. The official YHF Reissue store and the Wilco Bandcamp site offer downloads with purchase of the physical products. Not sure about independent stores, guessing they don’t.
  9. Answering my own question, the new SendOwl link has tagging, but wildly inconsistent tagging. Each song appears to be titled, but some songs are labeled "Track X"; others are labeled "Track Y/102". Some songs are labeled by disc number, some have no disc number. It does include 102 files which means it should be complete. There is no Cover Art. Somebody on Reddit tagged everything and offered to share the properly tagged files if you could demonstrate proof of your purchase, but I do not have a Reddit account and I do not have access to their email address.
  10. I received my Super Deluxe shipping notification today - "shipping label created , USPS awaiting item." I noticed too an updated Send Owl download link. Can't download til I get home tonight - does it just include the missing IATTBYH track, or does it also include tags on all the tracks too?
  11. Hear ya, I'd rather buy direct from the band (and I did), but just in case someone is still on the fence... I hope the book is really nice and I guess that in part justifies the $100+ price, but otherwise that does seem like a high price for an 8-CD set. I feel like I got some 4-CD sets not that long ago (Tom Petty, maybe, for basically $10 (or less) per disc, directly from the band's site). Yes, I am also missing the first track IATTBYH from the SendOwl download. I haven't compared tracklists yet to see what else is missing, if anything.
  12. Agree. I am glad I took the plunge and bought the Super Deluxe CD set. I am still waiting on the physical version though. I think I am hearing background vocals and instruments I didn't notice on a song or two before, though I swear it is otherwise the same take. I was surprised that some takes were not included - the slowed-down, rocked out version of Kamera (I believe it was called "Fuzz Mix" on the bootlegs), and the over-the-top, sped-up version of Not For the Season. Some of the Lonely in the Deep End cuts are a little uncomfortable to listen to - they sound like they were recorded on a b
  13. Thanks for the early reviews. Is the 8-CD set comprehensive, or do the vinyl and download releases have versions that are not included on the CD set? Thanks.
  14. Wilco also have banned all cameras, again. Beginning with the 2010 Evening With tour they banned all cameras including non-detachable lens point and shoots, even though in 2009 it was still permissible to enter with a DSLR and 50mm or smaller lens. Then, with the rise of smartphones, it seemed that they gave up on enforcing the No Photo policy, and point and shoot cameras were allowed again around 2014. At New Haven I was not allowed to bring in a small point and shoot camera. The security guy's boss said it was the band's policy, and that even cheap disposable film cameras are not allowe
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