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  1. Save It For Later is burned into my consciousness as a Pete Townshend song. I didn't hear the original version until many, many years later.
  2. First (w/ my brother) - Eric Clapton - August 1990, Nassau Coliseum Second (First on my own) - Soul Asylum - May 1998, Tramps, New York City
  3. Thanks. I hadn't heard it here at any of the east coast shows I've attended.
  4. Social Butterfly by Soul Asylum. Sort of a celebration to going out again, but for a very different reason than a pandemic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2UHSWNmF4o I'm gonna come out of my coma Gonna try to make things right Stay out all night, tryin' to get a bite Like a social butterfly
  5. I had totally forgotten about All Lives, You Say? Probably because it hasn't been played live (much/ever?). Would it be fair to call that one a Schmilco outtake, or was it written and recorded after the album? All Apologies was quite unexpected, and very nice.
  6. Candy From a Stranger gets sort of a bad rap, but there are great songs on that record indeed.
  7. Right on! Are you watching the Friday night Quarantine Sessions? Dave and Ryan are playing all the obscure songs.
  8. Freak Accident - Soul Asylum (Never officially released) The Gold It's In The... - Pink Floyd Under My Car - Mazzy Star
  9. He probably won't do it because it works best with a banjo, but I would love to hear Joe DiMaggio Done It Again! Has Jeff ever even performed it at a Living Room show? Such a fun song! Walk Where He Walked would also be cool.
  10. Great, thank you both. (Selfishly I would have told them to take Fridays off - I have a conflict with the Soul Asylum Quarantine Sessions at the same time!)
  11. Did I hear them saying no show tonight? I thought they were moving to a M-F schedule and taking weekends off, if agreeable to the Clients? I'm not on FB so I don't know what the poll is over there.
  12. I think that is just how instagram stories (which are only up for a day) work. As opposed to Instagram videos (which are permanent) which do allow scrubbing? At least, that is my experience too. So, is "like a broom bent to twist" (whatever that may mean) the official-as-it-gets lyric for Love Like a Wire? It is on the internet on some guitar tabs site, but I think maybe folks (myself included) interpreted it differently. Jeff's enunciation was pretty clear this time.
  13. That list is also really awesome. Thanks for posting it!
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