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  1. At Irving Plaza in 2001 Jeff made comments that he really didn't like the Grateful Dead. He played Ripple a night or two before (Philly or Baltimore perhaps), and I recall that the story was he sang made-up/derisive lyrics. I don't have that tape but I was at/have tape of the Irving show. Maybe Jeff was just needling the particular audience member who got his attention, and didn't really mean what he said about the Dead. But I was surprised when later on when Jeff teamed up with the various remaining Grateful Dead elements. Maybe was just acting nice after growing up and sobering up, and havin
  2. Yes, the only way to get the super deluxe download is to buy the physical product. Think of it is paying good money for the download and getting a bonus physical product. The book that comes with the super deluxe is really cool, I feel that was worth my money. Corduroy Cutoff Girl is on the Super Deluxe. It is called American Aquarium.
  3. The official YHF Reissue store and the Wilco Bandcamp site offer downloads with purchase of the physical products. Not sure about independent stores, guessing they don’t.
  4. Answering my own question, the new SendOwl link has tagging, but wildly inconsistent tagging. Each song appears to be titled, but some songs are labeled "Track X"; others are labeled "Track Y/102". Some songs are labeled by disc number, some have no disc number. It does include 102 files which means it should be complete. There is no Cover Art. Somebody on Reddit tagged everything and offered to share the properly tagged files if you could demonstrate proof of your purchase, but I do not have a Reddit account and I do not have access to their email address.
  5. I received my Super Deluxe shipping notification today - "shipping label created , USPS awaiting item." I noticed too an updated Send Owl download link. Can't download til I get home tonight - does it just include the missing IATTBYH track, or does it also include tags on all the tracks too?
  6. Hear ya, I'd rather buy direct from the band (and I did), but just in case someone is still on the fence... I hope the book is really nice and I guess that in part justifies the $100+ price, but otherwise that does seem like a high price for an 8-CD set. I feel like I got some 4-CD sets not that long ago (Tom Petty, maybe, for basically $10 (or less) per disc, directly from the band's site). Yes, I am also missing the first track IATTBYH from the SendOwl download. I haven't compared tracklists yet to see what else is missing, if anything.
  7. Agree. I am glad I took the plunge and bought the Super Deluxe CD set. I am still waiting on the physical version though. I think I am hearing background vocals and instruments I didn't notice on a song or two before, though I swear it is otherwise the same take. I was surprised that some takes were not included - the slowed-down, rocked out version of Kamera (I believe it was called "Fuzz Mix" on the bootlegs), and the over-the-top, sped-up version of Not For the Season. Some of the Lonely in the Deep End cuts are a little uncomfortable to listen to - they sound like they were recorded on a b
  8. Thanks for the early reviews. Is the 8-CD set comprehensive, or do the vinyl and download releases have versions that are not included on the CD set? Thanks.
  9. Wilco also have banned all cameras, again. Beginning with the 2010 Evening With tour they banned all cameras including non-detachable lens point and shoots, even though in 2009 it was still permissible to enter with a DSLR and 50mm or smaller lens. Then, with the rise of smartphones, it seemed that they gave up on enforcing the No Photo policy, and point and shoot cameras were allowed again around 2014. At New Haven I was not allowed to bring in a small point and shoot camera. The security guy's boss said it was the band's policy, and that even cheap disposable film cameras are not allowe
  10. Oh no, that is very sad news. RIP to a great artist. His visuals fit DBT perfectly.
  11. After the song Jeff said "We talked about it... we didn't confirm anything." I don't think Jeff forgot the words, I think he was prompting John to take a solo verse, and John was taken by surprise and wasn't ready to take over in time. Jeff also explained the stage backdrop doily is poisonous flowers including poison sumac - "Watch out for that doily." Then he said A Lifetime to Find is a conversation with death which has a long tradition in folk music, and is a topic that is worthy of being explored for the rest of everyone's lives. The Spiders banter also included a bit about how t
  12. The last half of Many Worlds sounds like it would fit right in on any of Mark Knopfler's solo albums, with those long, wistful, sliding guitar solos. I love it. In fact, at one point at Solid Sound (maybe this very song) Nels played a guitar similar to the one that appears on the cover of Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms. And before Sylvan Esso's set on Friday the PA played Knopfler solo tunes for a solid hour. That made me happy.
  13. Cruel Country is definitely a Listen-On-The-Headphones-at-home record for me. It is not my flavor of a Driving-In-The-Car type of album. Standout tracks for me include Hints, Tired Of Taking It Out On You, Falling Apart (Right Now). Lifetime to Find has the catchiest, most sing-along-y chorus of the album. There aren't many big sing-along moments on this record. Sad Kind of Way and Story To Tell also interest me.
  14. Wilco HQ <hq@wilcoworld.net>
  15. Thanks for the tip! The email was in my junk folder.
  16. I still feel that way when they don’t segue into Someone Else’s Song! Back in the day all three songs were played together. Opening Solid Sound in 2013 with I Got You was awesome.
  17. I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday night as well. I didn't sense any negative vibes in my section nor in the audience in general - in fact the mood was palpably positive. I sat further back this night, which allowed me to enjoy the light show a little better. I was pretty happy with a few photos I was able to take, but I didn't get a chance to post them last night. I'll reply later with pics. The Good Part wasn't on my list of Deep Cut Prognostications so, good on the band for going deeper than even I guessed. In fact somehow that song was omitted from my YHF outtakes compilation originally, and
  18. A couple pennants/banners, assortment of tshirts, YHF lapel pin, YHF oval bumpersticker, IATTBYH patch, and a keychain i think.
  19. I truly enjoyed myself last night. Had I gone to Night 1, I too would have been perplexed by the short show, but I certainly would not have renounced my fandom. Jeff was very gracious to acknowledge the rumblings and he thanked the crowd for allowing Wilco the opportunity to make amends with a longer set. Very nice. I enjoyed hearing the "album version" of the songs. I've read comments from people who felt this approach was "limiting" ; if one wants to hear the extended jam versions of YHF songs, there is a good chance to hear any 4 or 5 YHF songs any given regular show. This was a speci
  20. Merch booth. Just sold out of last nights poster. Long but not too slow moving line. Seems to be a good supply of everything.
  21. Yes, any pics of the merch booth? What else is there besides show posters and the single vinyl? Cool YHF shirts/hats/pins/ anything?
  22. Yes, they are a significant leap up in price. At least for the good seats. Upper levels was 60-something dollars which came out to 82 with fees. I justified it by the fact it the venue is the Palace Theater and I love those old ornate venues, and I've never been to the Palace. And that they are special YHF shows. I did balk at seeing Jeff solo in Brooklyn this past summer because of those prices. Similarly at least one other big name artist I follow raised their prices considerably since the last time around. This seems to be the new normal, unfortunately.
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