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  1. That's a major award. You should be proud. Thanks for the reports! Always a pleasure to read.
  2. Bookended the week w/Jon Spencer + The HITmakers on Sunday to Angel Olsen and The Big Time Band last night. A nice turn of the months.
  3. Nice. Thanks for sharing. I used to have those two* from '04 on an old CD/drive that I lost track of a long time ago. I only managed to catch the last song of Paul's set during this Wilco Radioooooooo stretch, and it was really great to hear again. It brought me back to when Nels and Pat were the brand new guys and the band became something new, but not different. (*DeKalb, when I heard Hell Is Chrome played live for the first time and my mind melted, and the two covers from New Year's at the Garden)
  4. This is great! Thanks for transcribing, bböp! I guess I did hear most of Nels' set, after all. His story about Willie recording with Carla Bozulich is one of those "who'd a thought" kind of tales. So, how fast were you in jotting down that dude Paul Suwan's setlist? : D
  5. I caught a bit of Paul Suwan's set, too. Great stuff! I wish Wilcoworld Radioooooooo had a month more.
  6. Mikael played some jams, too. I've only heard a bit of his set, but what I did hear was excellent.
  7. Nerdy note.... The Stones hit their 20yr mark with Undercover (not awful, IMO, given I was 15 and it was part of what formed my perception of who they were as a whole...beginning with Some Girls thru Tattoo You. The following 10yrs of discovering and digging into their entire catalogue were just as formative, and I still feel that thrill when listening from time to time, after having stepped away from their music for a while), their 30yr mark with Voodoo Lounge (uhhhh, ok*) and Bridges to Babylon, almost halfway through their fourth decade (just happy they were still active, making
  8. I once saw a candid photo of myself, taken side stage at a local show, that revealed me with a bit of a scowl. I was horrified, because I remembered thinking to myself, specifically when I saw the camera was pointed at me, "I don't mind this photo being taken, I'm having a great time and it's ok to let people know it once in a while". So, now I clap along when encouraged.
  9. Indeed. I was told those are the apples grown for dumplings.
  10. Keeping it short.... They came out chipper and cheerful, making way for one another as they realized that one or two entered out of order of their playing position, from stage right. You can see from above that the setlist deviated from what it had been the preceding few shows (if paying attention, as a nerd like me does) and it was the first of a few surprises (Spiders! which wasn't a surprise except in how they presented it...with all new crowd interaction). My wife and I were close enough that you could read lips and see very clearly the business of playing a show from
  11. Here's a bit of audio...w/some video attached... HTW_edit.mov
  12. …at least for the next twenty years? Fingers crossed they have a french horn player on stage with them then…*wink*nudge* Mid way through that BEAUTIFUL show, I came to my senses and realized we weren’t getting rained on, as expected all week. What a gorgeous night and great way to kick off the weekend. Those guys, and ladies at one point, were sharp as hell. Even when Tweedy did a double take at the start of The Universe, he nor anyone else seemed to flinch. They were confident in these songs and it showed. One of the greats, in my book.
  13. I opened this thread thinking it was going to be about how Many Worlds has them absolutely channeling the Dead.
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