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  1. WARNING: More personal account than review. This was the first I've seen Wilco since Toronto in Oct. 2019 and what a welcome relief. Having seen Tweedy at MASS MoCA in July, I already had my jones fixed for live music in a large(r) venue setting. The weather circumstances that July weekend shrunk the venue, but it was still the largest stage I'd seen in 21 months. Hailing from Western New York (Rochester), I found myself working in the Boston area the same day that Wilco would be playing in town. It was also my birthday and, although I'm quite old enough to be over the fact that I
  2. Definitely. I read Adam Granduciel comment once how Wilco was a big influence in his guitar playing. Holding notes longer than conventionally held for and in a different octave (paraphrasing) for example, etc. This was around the release of A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING and it struck me that Wilco had entered the territory of influential legacy artists. Until that point, I'd just considered them my favorite band that I'd go see always, who kept making great music. Not until then had I taken a step back to consider their body of work and its impact on art and pop culture at large, and that
  3. Stop the presses....THIS should be the new t-shirt design! Per usual, great re-cap bböp.
  4. Interesting info up top regarding the mixing of YHF and all that went into it. How reducing and/or backtracking the original mix process to remix would be difficult, if not impossible. Typically there are many studio and session logs, etc. to reference. Maybe there were and those are what give credence to the impossibility. I kind of make sense of it all by recognizing...that is what makes YHF a true piece of art. The creativity, passion and skill that went into creating it, during any given moment and using whatever technique or tool at hand to make it sound what they wanted it to sound like.
  5. Neko...as in Case, btw https://nekocase.substack.com/p/moon-rant?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoyMzMxNzExMiwicG9zdF9pZCI6MzkxMzAwMTIsIl8iOiJlQ2lQQyIsImlhdCI6MTYyNzM5MDE2OSwiZXhwIjoxNjI3MzkzNzY5LCJpc3MiOiJwdWItMzU0MjUzIiwic3ViIjoicG9zdC1yZWFjdGlvbiJ9.n-_nqF_olKh9-Ay2TNUsjvwNQm6BozpPZe95Amo9sr4
  6. Wilco posted on FB the I'M THE MAN WHO LOVES YOU video from their 7/17/2002 performance on Late Night. I remember to this day seeing them perform on television for the first time, that night it was broadcast. Have looked for it since on YT etc., to no avail, so how nice it is to see it again.
  7. Wow. Fell asleep before this part, because I'm old, and that's also the reason I remember Free To Be. Which I haven't thought about in 40+yrs. That was my 'go-to' phrase when I was a kid and my mom would call me out on a faux pas or infraction of some sort...."free to be, you and me, mom". References like this is one the reasons it's so fun watching the Tweedy Show.
  8. Last night's show was so much fun. Angst can make for a good time, on occasion.
  9. Haven't seen any other posts regarding this yet, so.....just listened to a good conversation between JT and Malcolm Gladwell on Gladwell's (and Rick Rubin's) podcast Broken Record. They talk about the HOW TO..... book, of course, and there's a great breakdown of OPALINE. It's really interesting to hear Gladwell become so engaged and excited. He keeps probing and it gives some insight into his own process, given how in depth his work gets. https://brokenrecordpodcast.com/#/episode-77-jeff-tweedys-songwriting-masterclass/
  10. Thanks to the Tweedy's for this bright highlight in 2020. The Tweedy Show's been a warm reminder that things can be normal, sweet and fun amidst the chaos. Here's to 2021, live music and a few more TS's before we settle into the future, without the looming menace of COVID around every corner. Btw, my wife and I were just chatting about how we watch the re-runs on YT, but can mirror the Insta re-runs to get them sooner if we want. I prefer YT because the comments come with it, which is a huge part of the show. Susie Tweedy is the hostess with the mostess; an MC who brings out a lot
  11. Thanks for these recaps. They are a great guide, as we usually watch the YouTube's well after original air. Last night the alert popped up that the show was starting but we were not quite finished zooming a John Hiatt performance, which was good for the soul. It was the first of two (pkg ticketed), the next being 8/31. Last night he played BRING THE FAMILY and SLOW TURNING, each in full, and the next will have a set list and banter. It was basically like being on a zoom call with him.....and 30 others. I'm going on about this because I think what the Tweedys are doing is more genuine and m
  12. Lukestar


    This is great....simply because Billy Gibbons and Jeff pair up for a Casino Queen bonus track... https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/12289
  13. Saw OHMME last night at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. They were great! Beautiful voices and great guitar interplay. Drummer is good, too. Go see them....Detroit tonight @ Deluxx Fluxx, and touring the midwest and west until end of May. Then, SSF on 6/29. We'll be in front.
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