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  1. what happens when you click on "See details about this transaction" ? I would have called ticket slave immediately and told them you dont go to those types of concerts, "where long haired Canadians turn on the smoke machine and play their hits"
  2. This made me think of of the Wilmington, DE show in August of '08. If you wanted tickets you stood in line at the venue the day they went on sale with no other outlets. I dropped off my unemployed friend that morning and went to work, picking him up later in the afternoon. I remember seeing him walking towards me with a white envelope and being relieved that he actually got tickets at this 800 seat venue. As it turns out, he got the last 3 possible seats, which were actually just 3 folding chairs the venue setup for us in the balcony. They were 35.00 each.
  3. JoJo Siwa tickets were at a similar price point under the "Official Platinum" system
  4. "a few years back" That was March of '08. Its cool man i'm getting old too.
  5. This is all SarahC's fault. Thanks Sarah! I'm not even going to SS btw
  6. 06.05.2019Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatrerequest song infoSold Out06.06.2019Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatrerequest song infoSold Out06.12.2019Brussels, BE - Ancienne Belgiquewith Ken Stringfellow request song infoTickets06.13.2019Brussels, BE - Ancienne Belgiquewith Ken Stringfellow request song infoTickets06.15.2019Amsterdam, NL - Paradisowith Ken Stringfellow request song infoSold Out06.16.2019Amsterdam, NL - Paradisowith Ken Stringfellow request song infoSold Out06.18.2019Lille, FR - Aeronef Clubwith Ken Stringfellow request song infoTickets06.19.2019Rouen, FR - Le 106with Ken Stringfello
  7. We slip and slide on the stay together landmine
  8. Are you an insufferable nerd?
  9. Yea but its "cd quality" Oh wait.
  10. Touche. I've actually been hearing Richard Thompson pretty regular on siriusxm, I found him to be meh
  11. Could be out by May since the are going to be playing with Richard Thompson and I do recall his fiddle during the americanarama tour. Especially since it's going to be some country type arrangements. Didn't nels get a mandolin?
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