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  1. How was your Crowded House show? I'm getting ready for the Cure tonight!
  2. I haven't seen that one floating around yet. Lot of the California shows have been covered but have only seen 1 or 2 from the first part of the tour. The one I put up here the tape is unreal good.
  3. The Cure countdown is on! 1 week!
  4. Truly a legend. https://www.cnn.com/entertainment/live-news/singer-tina-turner-death-news/index.html
  5. Hoodoo Gurus were great. I almost didn't go as I wasn't feeling too great & couldn't find anyone to go. It was a small theater show, pretty much sold out. No opener. They came out & did a solid hour & 45 minute set. 25 songs, many of them audience requests. It was nice going to a show & getting home before 11. Such a great band, criminally overlooked. It's rough for the Aussie bands. & they were LOUD! My ears are still ringing a little 2 days later. I've heard the newer material but not a real lot. It all fit right in with the classics. Tour's almost over. The band has bee
  6. How was the show? The setlist looked excellent.
  7. Nice! I have to wait until June 1 for my show. All indications are that it will be a good one.
  8. I was just writing it up. I was too tired yesterday as I had to get up early yesterday for a doctor appointment after getting home at midnight. The show was pretty good. I've seen them better but I chalk that up to it being night 2 of the tour & they didn't quite have the groove on. The new members were excellent with Liam Finn doing an entertaining solo opening set. Show was 2 hours on the button. Here's the setlist from setlist.fm. It looks like they're changing things nightly. PS: I go back with them to the first US tour. Orgia da Malena (Ennio Morricone song)
  9. I'm seeing them in 2 weeks. Bought tickets 9n 2020 originally. Probably going to be the last chance to see them in the US.
  10. Looks like Liam Finn is doing an opening set before Crowded House. Can't wait for tomorrow!
  11. Just read part 2 of Don Winslow's trilogy about the mob in Rhode Island. Really good stuff.
  12. greetings from the ditch:
  13. How did you like the show? While it wasn't as good as 2016, I enjoyed the Seattle show in February.
  14. It didn't do much for me but I've been living in severe pain for over a decade. I do usually take some infused lemonade before bed, helps me get a bit of sleep.
  15. New Yves Tumor. This is quite good.
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