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  1. old school southern rock. singer has got some pipes for sure.
  2. I really enjoyed the show, too. Due to financial & health constraints (I paid a heavy price for going yesterday) I was only able to go 1 night in Seattle. I have a rule that the last night of a multi night stand is usually the best. It was that way with My Morning Jacket a few weeks ago & the Wilco show. Another memorable show where that held true was the last time Pearl Jam played town in T-Mobile Park. Anyway, the band really stretched out on the long songs (Art of Almost, Laminated Cat, etc). I loved the Poor Places, Reservations set closer. Sent a chill down my spine. I think Reser
  3. Listening to Glyn Johns mix that he submitted in 1969. I can see why the band ditched it. They should've given it to Georg Martin though instead of Phil Spector.
  4. Kind of anal retentive to start a new thread. I intentionally didn't put a review or setlist so as not to step on your toes. I've been into the band from the beginning & have the pre-release cds of the first 2 albums to prove it. On the live front, first time I saw them was on the "Being There" tour. Not as many shows as you evidently, but a long time line. Living in Seattle, we get skipped a lot on tours.
  5. I would love if they played "Amy Grant". That song always makes me laugh. I go back a real long way with YFF. Scott used to live in my neighborhood. Portland now. Makes me happy that he has come back from his stroke. I have experience with that in my family & it can be tough or impossible road back. My grandpa had a bad one but lived. Basicallly had to learn everything again. His speech never came all the way back & it was very frustrating for him. He eventually died from another one. My mom had a series of bad ones in a short time & didn't make it so its a very personal issue for
  6. Nearly 2 years since I bought the tickets, finally Wilco tonight!
  7. I sent the Paramount a note asking if I could bring a pillow to the show. They finally got back to me & approved. I'm having some pretty bad spine issues & wasn't going to be able to go. I went to MMJ & practically had to crawl the 3 blocks to the car. The chairs are medieval torture devices & I can't stand for extended periods. I'm psyched for the show!
  8. Wish I could've been there. Just wasn't in the cards. I'll be doing good to make the Paramount show on the 13th.
  9. Saw My Morning Jacket & Durand Jones on Saturday. What a great show to end my concert quarantine! The show started at 7:00 to avoid any issues with the venue 11:00 curfew. I didn't know anything about Jones & he was a pleasant surprise. Good retro soul. This was the second & final night for MMJ & they were totally on. Played a little over 2.5 hours. It appears they aren't doing "One Big Holiday" every night. Luckily I picked the right night. Actually there were a lot of changes in the setlist over the 2 nights. When the band was taking a bow, Carl Broemel was communicating with
  10. ok but a little disappointing
  11. Downloading last night's show from the Beacon. First of the residency. Some guitar player named Nels Cline plays on 3 songs. It's up on archive.org.
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