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  1. Susan Tedeschi is so awesome!
  2. I've looked for tapes of the dates Hendrix did in Honolulu around the same time. They were supposed to be phenomenal performances. No luck so far.
  3. I did get to have the full on, lights flashing, siren going ambulance ride to the hospital after the initial attack. That's one I would've rather left on the bucket list.
  4. Hello all. I wanted to thank everyone for all your notes & good wishes. I'm still not well but it looks like there's a light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully it's not a train!). It turns out I had a very strange minor heart attack brought on by some mysterious internal bleeding which in turn brought on a cancer scare. I've been cleared on the cancer issue but I will have to be checked periodically. As for the heart, it turns out the attack was brought on by the dehydration & bleeding from the above issue. Over 15 years ago I had what's called a silent heart attack in my sleep. I di
  5. Not bad except the terrible fake Russian accents.
  6. OK record. I thought there was 1 song that was terrible though.
  7. Pretty good. Not quite as good as the first one but still better than most. There are worse ways to spend 2 hours (Tomorrow War, I'm looking at you!).
  8. Congratulations! He's a big boy!
  9. pretty good for a first novel. definite differences from the movie.
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