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  1. Woohoo! I got tickets for two of the nights. Very excited!
  2. It seems unlikely at this late date but any rumors of Jeff doing shows this year? Be a nice holiday gift!
  3. I'm with Beltmann. Jeff mentioned in Esquire they had initially been working on an "art pop" record before shelving it (unfinished) because they got excited by the idea of making a country album. The first idea sounded a lot more fun and interesting to me, and that charity single "Tell Your Friends" they released in 2020, while not super innovative maybe, seemed to be pointing in the direction of a bigger, not stripped-down, sound. But then we got something not far afield from the Tweedy solo albums. I'm sure if I don't listen to it for a few weeks, once I get over my expectations
  4. Sounds like a really fun show. Hope they release a Roadcase recording of it!
  5. I was there on Thursday and some awesome fans got there way early, but if you come by, say, 4pm-4:30pm you should have seats in the second or third row. They hand out the seating assignments at 6pm, so a little wait if you want those seats, but it should be a nice sunny day.
  6. Freedy


    Just a heads up that tickets for the rescheduled Largo shows are still available! https://largo-la.com/
  7. My guess (pure speculation) is that they're hoping that the Delta variant goes back down as quickly as it did in the UK (seems less likely here, sadly), and then they'll require proof of vaccination. If numbers are like they were in June by the fall and everyone attending is vaccinated, seeing a show inside might be fine? Note, that even with that big outbreak in Provincetown a few weeks back, nobody died as they were vaccinated. That spot is a lot more crowded than a Wilco show (and yes, the goal is no one getting sick from going to a show, not no one dying, but ideally neither ha
  8. Hoping those LA Shows are indeed still postponed and not cancelled, as I got lucky and got good seats!🤞
  9. Thanks @u2roolz for all the episode summaries all year. Super appreciated. And nothing but appreciation for the Tweedys this year. I spent New Years Eve of 2004 watching Jeff (at the Madison Square Garden show) so it was good to do it again. And I loved that they played those Replacement songs tonight. There's that old bootleg (from a show in San Francisco in '97) where Jeff says "Everything we do is based on the Replacements", and it was nice to hear him give a similar tribute tonight. How I would love Jeff to produce a Paul Westerberg album, so my two favo
  10. But yours is more up to date! (I missed episode 81, apparently!)
  11. Looking forward to the release! How lucky are we to be fans of an artist who is so incredibly prolific! So, from what I can tell, the new songs he's played on The Tweedy Show that are not on the album are... 1) I'd Rather Be Alone (from Episode 2 of The Tweedy Show) 2) Baby, You're So Miserable (from Episode 5 of The Tweedy Show) 3) Half-Life (which might be Half-Asleep on the new album? It's an Ode to Joy outtake played on Episode 30, and would make a great album closer.) 4) It's Been a Bad Day Lately (from Episode 40 of The Tweedy Show.) 4) Cold Water Falling (a work in progress
  12. After reading the comments, seems best to keep the playlist to myself, but I'll try to reach out to Susie, and only share it with anyone if she says it's okay (and if she doesn't respond, I'll also keep it to myself.) Thanks for your thoughtful comments!
  13. So using the helpful song list and the episode recaps, and then going to the YouTube videos posted by Susie Tweedy and earlier by Kate Vassos, and using a Youtube to MP3 convertor, I've made a mp3 playlist of all the new songs (and that one unreleased Ode To Joy outtake) played by Jeff on The Tweedy Show so far. (For the songs that have been played more than once, I took what I thought was the best version.) It's up to about 44 minutes at this point. There's lots of banter mixed in of course and varying sound quality, but I think it captures the spirit of the show and most fans would like it (
  14. I found it! (It being the awesome recorded version of "Save It For Me" that was played in the first Tweedy Show episode.) Entered "Save it" in the search function for the "A Shot in the Arm" Facebook group and then easy to find if you scroll down just a little (posted by a generous poster named Ron DeNicolo). https://www.facebook.com/groups/390889574423674/search/?query=%22save%20it%22&epa=SEARCH_BOX I've been lurking around here so thought I'd try to contribute a little!
  15. Been a bit of a lurker but lists are fun so thought I'd join in... YHF ST AGIB BT TWL SBS WTA AM SCH OTJ SW(And if the Mermaid Avenue albums could be in there, the first one would be third on my list and the second after AM.)
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