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  1. The Cut Your Hair with Malkmus was amazing! I happened to catch it on Susie's Instagram and I was floored. One by the surprise of it all, but also the performance. I've never seen Malkmus that animated ever! He seemed to be channeling a very hopped up David Bowie or something. Jeff did a fantastic job nailing the solo and Steve's sound/style too.
  2. I don't know either one of you, but your wife sounds hilarious! I'm getting a big Susie Tweedy vibe!
  3. Bart


    Totally..........and go to all the shows, and buy merch, and see the solo performances and offshoot bands, etc, etc. Multiple version of every single Grateful Dead show is up on the ReListen app, and the GD releases something like five shows per year for sale, so it seems like free streaming and selling live shows can work financially. The problem I have, and I suspect many of you do, is I want to listen to 50 shows, or 100 or 500, (or all of them) and I want to be able to jump around and maybe checkout a certain song every 5 years or so, or see how it sounds in differe
  4. Was that an amazing version of Heros, or was I just in a good mood?!?!? (Just saw a snowy owl a half hour prior!) I absolutely loved it, except for the weird tuning! I don't have enough guitars for that!!
  5. Did you guys see the Tweedy Show last night (stupid question!). Jeff seemed as confused and upset/helpless as all the folks with tickets. He also made it clear that Wilco is contracted performer just like they would be if they played any other show in Boston or Phoenix or any other place. Maybe they can do what Phish* did? They had to cancel their NYE live show, so the band played a full show to an empty arena and aired it live on YouTube for free. They got to play a show, the fans got to see a show and it seemed to be as close to a happy medium as was possible. * I
  6. I'll gladly buy another book!! Or a record. Or concert tickets. I won't buy another "Jeff Tweedy" capo though. I got caught up in the hype earlier in the summer and bought an identical capo that I already had. Well, this one was 10 dollars more and had a rainbow pattern on it, but other than that it was identical!
  7. In spite of my negative comments above, I have to say I was blow away by the email I just received about getting the glass heart/egg from a fan and what he was going through at the time. I hope all these stories end up in a book at some point.
  8. First, I have to say I'm amazed at how prolific Jeff is, especially lately with the new songs, and the Tweedy show and now this. It's amazing he has time for his main job in Wilco!!! But it sort of irks me that he's charging for this stuff. Yes, I realize I'm being kind of a jerk for expecting everything for free, and there's no obligation for me to get the pay version of Starship Casual, but it rubs me the wrong way. And I totally agree with the "Life is becoming an endless series of subscriptions". As the Beatles sang...........It's all too much!
  9. I'll echo everyone's comments about the horrible sound down in the front. We ended up in the the third row for S-K's set and managed to stay there for the rest of the night. In retrospect, I kind of wish I went to my Row P seats to take advantage of better sound. It took me a while to figure out why the pit was so dead and why I kind of "bored" with the set. Bored is not the right word, I wasn't bored, I just wasn't moved by the music. It slowly dawned on me that it was the sound that was bringing people down. The most egregious example of the horrible mix (up close
  10. Thanks sinko! I'm only seeing one show too. That comment from Jeff surprised me, especially after the constant change ups during the Tweedy show.
  11. I like they songs they're playing, but has their setlist ever been this static? Other than the first night of the tour, the sets have been identical, and even the first night was nearly identical to the rest. I know I sound like a ungrateful jerk, especially after more than a year of no concerts but it's just surprising. I would think they'd get bored out of their heads. I'm still super psyched for Merriweather but kind of scratching my head.
  12. This is amazing! Thank you!!! Just the other day I was wondering if anyone was nutty/dedicated enough to do this. Thanks again!
  13. Have they stopped posting these shows to youtube? Or are they in a different place? The last entry on Susie's youtube page was from October. Apologies if this has been asked and answered 10 pages ago!
  14. Thanks all...………..I'm a day late and a dollar short...………...story of my life!
  15. Thanks gents! Bummer about Wilco and archive.org, but I'm sure glad they still let us tape the shows! Is the live show archive The Owl and Bear site or is there some other beast out there? Can you stream the live shows or do they have to be downloaded first? (I'm very late to the streaming party, and still buy physical copies of music, but I'm starting to see the wisdom in streaming vs physical copies)
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