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  1. Kidsmoke I am so deeply sorry for your loss. It is always tough to lose a loved one, especially during a holiday season... I didn't quite sense from your original posting how urgent things were, and for that I apologize... Remember the good times, raise a toast to the past and do not regret what might have been... for they are at peace. Alison
  2. Dear Kidsmoke, I hope your Dad is doing well and that, despite all, your holidays were full of love and happy memories! Mine was full of Lego.... Lots and lots of Lego! I sincerely wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
  3. Kinda a slow year for us but Sir Paul was definitely a highlight
  4. Let's totally cleanse your pallette:
  5. My mother was actally visiting Deleware during the storm... from Newfoundland... kept saying oh... we'll leave on Sunday morning and beat the storm... well the State of Deleware closed all roads that morning so they were forced to wait it out... all was OK...
  6. or out of their regular environment...
  7. Don't like a song on the album... try youtubing it live... don't like the song live... try a compelation of it always does it for me
  8. Concert was pretty good... Lots of fancy lights and stuff. I think my daughter was very overwhelmed by the amount of people there. Plus the screaming....ohhhh the screaming. Glad I brought ear protection for the both of us. T-shirt line up was insane, it she got the one she wanted as well as a book, and got to hang out with all her friends before the show... She was quite happy! We've taken her to Wilco, various kid themed symphonies, the local folk festival, and even some Jazz (Chick Corea last year with her dad for fathers day)... I guess the Biebs just kinda rounds the total exper
  9. 3 years ago... and her second is..... Justin Bieber tomorrow night... (head hung low)... where did we go wrong?
  10. Love Henry Fool - wasn't Sarah Polly in one of his movies?
  11. Handshake drugs - aside from the usual "the blondes were being pulled down on the (dude)"... I always thought the chorus referred to the ant-shaped drugs he bought downtown. Personally never done that before, they could be ant-shaped, meh, what do I know...
  12. Plus I love "Side with the Seeds" - couple with Handshake Drugs and Wishful Thinking!!! Melt!
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