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  1. Section O-A-L Orchestra A Left Row B (there's no row A), 1st row behind pit Hard ticket in hand - will ship Asking face value or decent offer - paid US$92.75 total EDIT: Ticket is now sold.
  2. Hotel advice: Priceline, name your own price. Zone 8 - Lincoln Park (walking distance). Zone 1 - Magnificent Mile - River North (short taxi or train).
  3. Yeah, different fees is strange. If anything you'd expect Saturday to be higher... Only delivery option for me was Will Call. Thought it was a Canadian thing but I suppose not.
  4. Impatience gets you nowhere...
  5. Thanks nalafej for the link above. Got great one for Burlington.
  6. I might add Jeff seemed to enjoy Paul's top notch head bopping. Always great to see.
  7. Too bad there were no posters at this one. They apparently only sold about 575 tickets and that low number doesn't warrant poster production. At least the box office had some standard promo ones.
  8. Thanks for posting that. I'd forgotten his voice straining on Whole Love
  9. Exactly that. He said last night that he was given the demo tape and that it's really sad that we all couldn't hear it. Edit: This was in response to bbop. The quote thing didn't work.
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