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  1. File under: Wilco fans have diverse tastes. I would pay good money for an entire album of You Satellites
  2. Do you have to purchase CD's or LP's in order to get access to the digital downloads of the Super Deluxe? I'd happily pay good money for digital downloads. Don't have any use for a bunch of physical discs or albums. Unrelated: I was hoping Corduroy Cutoff Girl would make the cut on the Super version. Fun little number with some interesting ties to later YHF music.
  3. As I recall it: Someone yelled out / requested the song and Jeff made a crack about "nope, not tonight buddy" or something like that. Then Glenn played the intro drumming part for a few seconds. Jeff made a joke about "there you go, that's it" and pointed to the side tent telling the guys to add it to the setlist. Same basic idea with Heavy Metal Drummer - Glenn played the intro when someone shouted it. But in that case he said "you know, maybe we'll play that one later". If the original setlist is to be believed it was an in-show flex to play it. Believe me when I say my reco
  4. My gawd that was a great show. They could extend the Base of My Skull jam to a couple hours and I'd be just fine with it.
  5. After a few listens I gave a bit of a "meh" review earlier in this thread. I have to say, hearing it live at Solid Sound - and hearing some of the more intense songs replayed Saturday night - gave me a much better appreciation of the album. It really came to life for me on Joe's Field. I have a whole new appreciation after haring those songs played beautifully in a live setting. I was initially a bit put-off at the idea of using most of a whole SS evening to play new material; I ended up enjoying that evening immensely (plus New Madrid is one of my all-time favorites, so that was a bonus!)
  6. Wilco has given me so much fantastic music - a soundtrack to life over the past ~30 years. They don't owe me an art-pop record or a follow up to Star Wars or Ghost is Born, as much as that's what I'd love to get. I find some beautiful moments on this new record - They could blow out the second half of Many Worlds into a 45 minute jam and I'd love every moment. Overall, however, the record feels pleasant and comfortable. Extremely well written, interesting and enjoyable, but pleasant. And pleasant isn't the sound I'm looking for from Wilco. But like I said, they don't owe me a l
  7. Do you mind sharing the email address it arrived from?
  8. I thought that looked familiar! And yes, 2019. Back in the Before Times....
  9. https://solidsoundfestival.com/lineup/ Is this... 2022? It feels like the 2020 lineup but it says 2022. EDIT TO add: I'm pretty sure that's the 2020 lineup dressed up under a 2022 banner, some sort of website problem. Tho I'd love to see Minus 5 again.
  10. Rough Francis is a local Punk / Funk band from northern Vermont. They are an amazing live show. So excited they'll be at SS19. They are, in part, the sons of the founding members of a band called Death, an early african-american punk band memorialized in a documentary titled... A Band Called Death. Really cool story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDPDm9_nX0o
  11. Little known factoid: The original version of Muzzle, only available as a Dominican B-side to Spiders, read "There's a random painted highway and a muzzle of bongs"
  12. AGIB has always been my favorite Wilco record. Reading the book and listening to interviews gave me a whole new appreciation (again!) for that record - I typically listen to live stuff but the recorded version of that album is just mind-blowing to me, especially if you listen in the mindset of someone clearly struggling with addiction. What a masterpiece.
  13. Not to pick too many nits but... Isn't Misunderstood a couple degrees or so from a cover song?
  14. Have I lost my mind? I thought there was a new song after IATTBYH or New Madrid? Bombs Away? At any rate, great set and lots of hilarious banter. And a couple really obnoxious crowd members who continually seemed to frustrate Jeff.
  15. See you there! Excited for another Tweedy show at Higher Ground. It's a miracle how often Tweedy / Wilco come to our little city.
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