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  1. Can someone send the link again it doesn't appear to be working. Thanks! Bob
  2. I have met my share of celebs and I gotta say, it is such an AMAZING feeling - good or bad with the experience - so I know how special that was for you! How incredible! Knowing you will always remember that night is something you will carry forever. Simply. Perfect. And great job!!!
  3. So probably like a lot of my fellow Wilco fans, we love to discover new music that isn't quite mainstream. So I heard about this band called Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers. They are punk? Maybe. I don't know. Nothing like Wilco, but I dig it. Anyway, they have a song called 'I hate Chicago' that name drops Wilco and I find it hilarious! I am not a drama starter and not trying to push buttons, I just thought maybe some of you would check it out and get a smile as I did. Sorry I don't have a link but it can be located on Youtube (of course). Laura Jane Grace and the Devouri
  4. peteboiler


    Consider me ignorant but will this be a major release that we can get on CD?
  5. Wilco has always been outstanding - to me - at the choices they put in their setlist! I am always satisfied with 'lost nuggets'. My fav show was in Clearwater when they did 'An Evening With Wilco' where they did the unplugged ACT 2. John Mellencamp is one of my heroes from a storyteller standpoint. His music and lyrics have always meant so much to me but his live show has always been awful. He plays the same damn songs, tells the same damn stories, and his shows are over after roughly 12-15 songs. Way too short. I don't think I have ever seen him perform over an hour and a half. He D
  6. I know this has been done before, but what the hell? Let's do it again! It is VERY hard to pick one, but you must! I have several rambling around in my brain right now, but I have to select one; said rules. And that honor goes to.... VIA CHICAGO
  7. It's total bullshit that he isn't wearing a CUBS hat. Regardless of being in St. Louis.... Come on, Jeff.
  8. Yeah, I guess my post isn't easy to understand. It's not the lack of emotion in the lyrics that I miss. Some have stated that Jeff has written some really incredible lyrics for both Sukiarie and Star Wars. Agreed. He is an epic storyteller! I liked Star Wars! I even liked The Whole Love. Sukiarie, not so much. I am going to try one more time. Not ONE song has grabbed me and left me wanting to play it over and over since YHF. I can't explain it, and it's just me and my opinion. I don't know the reason. Maybe I need therapy...
  9. I am not a troll! That being said, I am not loving the direction Wilco is going AS A FAN. I still love me some Tweedy and the boys, but as someone alluded to earlier, they just aren't the same. And I am all for changing direction with the sound and what not. I am. However, although Star Wars was a great piece of work, I miss the days where I could close my eyes and get lost in their world. Now it is just noise. The lyrics are so scatterbrained that I can't make sense of them. Granted, some of their older stuff, a la SummerTeeth was the same. It is hard to explain. Emotion? Maybe tha
  10. I want a hard copy! I don't know how to do this computer shit. Can someone help?
  11. Is this the 'Loose Fur' record that has been rumored for a while now?
  12. I would post a picture but my dumbass can't figure it out lol. I will be the white guy with the puerto rican guy haha. But not together. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  13. Thanks. I am giddy! My favorite band in a new venue. An excellent venue by the way. Surrounded by so much entertainment. Thanks!
  14. This is going to be my 4th time seeing Wilco. First time in Clearwater, 2nd in Indy, 3rd in St. Augustine last year or the year before. Shit, I'm getting old. I am bringing a buddy of mine. Just two guys hanging out. Gonna check out city walk, get a bite, drink some brews. Got a hotel down the street. Taxing it, baby! I am so excited and just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow Wilco fans. See you tomorrow! Listening to Wilco Alpha Mike Foxtrot right now and having some brews in the cave at home in preparation. Anyone from Melbourne area? Bob
  15. I saw Wilco at Anastasia last year, and it was an amazing show. The power went out mid-song, and the band kept playing like it was live. Very cool. Tweedy even complimented the audience, saying how great we were. Awww. Anyway, yes, there is a beautiful place to kayak in the park. Rather inexpensive and a very good time. Maybe you'll see the band out there. Just look out for the sandbars! Bob
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