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  1. Donna, I LOVED Dave Eggers' last book, "Heroes of the Frontier." Maybe you will too!
  2. The next-to-the-last paragraph slays me. To paraphrase, the song is about how it sounds. Which describes the ineffable power of music itself; specifically, the ineffable power of Wilco's music. Damn.
  3. I'm also reading The Oregon Trail, and really enjoying it. It is both warmly personal and highly informative. Very cool that your brother-in-law wrote it!
  4. Okay, that's the best thing that happened to me today! (And this is after eating a bowl of salted almonds and chocolate chips.)
  5. The intimacy of the venue really blew me away! Smallest place I've ever seen Wilco play, and 30 mins before the show was able to walk right up and enjoy an excellent view from about the 5th row. I really enjoyed Girlpool. Their voices are terrific and I loved that the way they present themselves -- no adornments of makeup, casually dressed (albeit, a little strangely for the redhead)-- really put the focus on their music. They were doing what they love without also trying to be sexy or glamorous-- at all. I found it refreshing and think their mothers must be proud. Also, I like their songs. T
  6. Chrissie Hynde has a memoir just out, too! So many books, so little time...
  7. Started listening to one called "The Sporkful." The first episode I downloaded had an interview with Amy Sedaris on holiday entertaining. What's not to love?
  8. I'm reading Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats). It's dark and eloquent, like his lyrics. His singing voice is hard for me to enjoy, but the man can write. Fans of Willy Vlautin would enjoy this. Next up, M Train by Patti Smith.
  9. I guess I'm naive, but don't the scalpers and secondary market people have to get tickets at the same time as the rest of us? How do we end up with only single tickets or bad seats and they get bigger blocks of good seats?
  10. Finally pulled 2 somewhat crappy seats for DC. What an ordeal!
  11. Yes, sadly, no luck for DC. Will try again tomorrow. Today I was thinking about how you wrote that you were going to buy a whole bunch of Norfolk tickets for whoever may want them, and thinking how freaking awesome that is. Seriously, who does that?! That is just so nice. I was going to try to make a surgical strike of the DC show-- since it's on a Sunday night and I could make it happen without really missing work. Would love to make it a two-fer if I can swing it. I'll be in touch, and thank you!
  12. Remember that post by Diane/Wilco Me/Magnetized that was a rant from some guy, a music industry insider who said Wilco would never make any new fans? Or something to the effect that if you weren't already a Wilco fan, it wasn't going to happen? I think that guy was dead wrong. Great for the band! Sucky for anyone trying to get tickets. The jig is up.
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