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  1. I was standing on the side to Jeff's right dancing and singing softly (I think, then again I'm pretty high most of the time), wearing a Pleased To Meet Me shirt and I believe a Whalers hat. Except for We've Been Had, I was one of the not so young girls, I mean dudes) screaming during that one. Let me know if I could be one of the yahoos.
  2. Free live webcast of Bobby at The Blue Note in NYC now. 2nd show starts shortly. http://nugs.tv/free/?showID=29
  3. Abbi Jacobson from Broad City. Jeff was funnier for sure.
  4. That was an all-time rager, starting with the YAMF > AoA face-melter. I'm still dancin.
  5. Not sure exactly where I'll be tomorrow but I will be at The Beacon & I will be standing!
  6. Hah. Enjoyed it with headphones tonight almost as much as being there....almost. Of course these fuckers are getting an extra 10 minutes
  7. I'm on an east village sidewalk dancin my ass off
  8. Was there Wed/thurs but (unfortunately) back in NYC tonight....thankful for the stream thou The Lonely 1....wowee
  9. Wow. Just wow. Ears still ringing two hours later. Minimal banter, maximum intensity. I'll be smiling all the way back to NYC.
  10. I think it's Tommy's best post-Mats record for sure. Caught their NYC show & his appearance on The Late Show w Colbert last week. Check it out!
  11. Jeff commented tonight at Rough Trade before playing The Joke Explained that they are re-releasing both albums together next year with the title "Cease & Desist".
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