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  1. Also, I just realized… no Monday on a Monday? What the hell?!
  2. No setlist up anywhere yet? - On at 8:30pm Star Wars... Handshake Drugs Camera IATTBYH Art of Almost She's a Jar Hummingbird Heavy Metal Drummer Man Who Loves You Jesus Born Alone Impossible Germany Late Greats - Spiders - (acoustic mini-set) Misunderstood War on War I'm Always in Love It's Just That Simple New Madrid Cali Stars A Shot in the Arm - off at 10:48
  3. I'm pretty sure the order of Born Alone and Impossible Germany was reverse what is listed here.
  4. Win Butler is Sunday night's guest in Montreal. Should be good.
  5. This is so good. Definitely some RA influence, in the best way possible.
  6. Does anybody know what "The Midway Lawn" is, as opposed to Champlain Valley Expo proper?
  7. Here's the Gazette review - http://www.montrealgazette.com/Review+Wilco+Metropolis/5424431/story.html I'd agree with Kalle, they finally seem to have step up their game in the light show department. The projections on the hanging things are fantastic.
  8. New album breakout party in Mtl tonight! Art of Almost I Might Ashes IATTBYH One Wing Bull Black Nova At Least That's What You Said One Sunday Morning Shouldn't Be Ashamed Born Alone How To Fight Loneliness Handshake Drugs Standing O new slow song - Open Mind? Impossible Germany Dawned On Me Shot In The Arm - Via Chicago Whole Love War on War Jesus etc I'm Always in Love Man Who Loves You
  9. Nice to see all the Dan Romano love in here. He's got a great live band together too, that sometimes channels the Jacksonville City Nights era RA & the Cardinals, Grateful Dead doing country kinda vibe. That Colin Stetson album really is something.
  10. Saw the Montreal show last night, incredibly good performance. I liked the Evil Urges material a lot more live than on record. http://mmjtweetpickles.com/post/7559864370/montreal-metropolis-7-12-2011
  11. I'm pretty sure this show was labeled "No cameras, audio or video recording". Didn't see any sign of tapers present.
  12. Great show! Running jokes about Rush, Justin Bieber (sp?) and Buck/Buick.
  13. Late to the party as usual, but what ever happened to Gavin Gardiner producing, if you don't mind me asking?
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