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  1. My personal favorite would have to be Album C. Side 1 is killer... all five songs are desert island contenders for me. There’s an inevitable drop off on Side 2, but with Ashes and Shot that’s a solid 7 for 10. Album B is pretty top heavy. 3 or 4 of the band’s greatest, most iconic songs. But somehow Hate It Here finds a home? Sorry. Impossible Germany is near the top of my personal list. Not too many other favorites on A’s album though. Kudos to D for snagging ALTWYS. There are several other personal favorites on that album, but not quite enough to push it above C Level. (See what I did
  2. Good article. The writer is clearly an actual fan of the band. The last line was brutal, but otherwise I enjoyed it.
  3. Great show. Jeff was funnier than I've ever seen him, and that's saying something. He congratulated Ithaca on having the longest of the Finger Lakes ("basically the middle finger") and for that big cosmic FU it was sending out to the universe. He claims he felt that vibe as he toured the area. Which he insisted he now knew more about than we did. He also mentioned the new album that he hoped we'd all had a chance to acquire. When the audience roared he said, "No you didn't," and whispered "jerks" under his breath. Funny guy. I'd list some of the songs, but I wasn't taking notes so I wo
  4. Steely Dan has been my favorite band since the mid-70s. I thought they'd finally been surpassed in the 2008-2010 time frame, when Wilco was about all I was listening to. A few years later my Wilco fever has died down a little, and I'd have to say that Steely Dan remains at the top. It's close though. The rest of my all-time top 5 artists would probably have to be Neil Young, Tom Waits and King Crimson.
  5. You guys have hit a few of my favorites. "Box of Rain" for sure, although I've listened to it so many times I wouldn't actually ever back that one up and listen to it again. Probably. And all the songs where Richard does vocals on "The Band" album. Whispering freaking Pines. Rocking Chair. Not my absolute favorite band, but my favorite album of all time. Here's a song that I don't THINK has been mentioned, that always ends too soon for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKplna3hWtc
  6. I was cool with them opening with it. This is not a song I ever expected to see performed live.
  7. Best Dylan I've seen. I'm glad I gave him one more chance. He wasn't chatting up the audience, of course, but he seemed engaged throughout. He was front and center for large portions of the show. His band was terrific. I went there for Wilco and MMJ, but I have to say Dylan ALMOST stole his own show.
  8. Doh. Wait. I think there was another early (AM or Being There) song. Red Eyed and Blue maybe? Damn, sorry. After immersing myself in the archives prior to the show, I'm not positive.
  9. I counted 16 songs when I got back to my hotel. Looks like you have most of them. They also did Impossible Germany.
  10. Our local newspaper recently went to three days a week. And unless I'm missing something, they've made no effort to provide the Jumbles for the missing days. I am now on Jumble withdrawal! Things for the fix!
  11. I make sure I hit the men's room before the show starts. Just a tip for you kids out there! But if an emergency DID ever sneak up on me, Impossible Germany would be absolutely the last song I would bail out on. This isn't meant as a criticism...just curious...but for those who have grown tired of the band's music...why do you continue to hang out at a fan site? That would seem like continuing to watch that wedding video after the divorce to me. Again, just curious.
  12. I climbed on-board in 2007. And for three straight years they were pretty much all I listened to. And then one day I realized I didn't NEED to listen to them quite as much as I had previously. And then I remembered there was other music out there. I was kind of glad. I have hundreds of bands, and I don't want to spend all my time with one. Now I go lengthy periods without listening to their music, but I know it will be great when I do. When a new album comes along, probably, and I immerse myself in the band again for a month or two. I still come here a couple times a week to see if anything is
  13. It seems like the standards of people's answers here vary widely. Some seem to be replying with their lists of "perfect" albums (a ridiculously high standard) and others with "no songs I skip" (a ridiculously low one). I always have trouble with that perfect album idea...because almost invariably you have songs you like better than others, even on your favorite albums. So when you hit your least favorite song on the album...are you still thinking "ah, perfection!". Example.... I haven't seen The Band (The Band) mentioned. Probably here, but I haven't scoured every post. Incredible, rich alb
  14. I've got a Wilco friend who plays lead guitar in a covers band. He keeps talking about adding "I'm a Wheel" to their repertoire. I've never heard them play The Band or Phish though. More like Z.Z. Top....
  15. Odd. But I heard Sunloathe playing while I watched it, so it was worth it.
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