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  1. Didn't Jay Bennet co-write Jesus etc with Jeff? In no particular order the top ten wilco songs are. Radio Cure Sunken Treasure Theologians Ashes Of American Flags I am Trying to break your heart Via Chicago Say You Miss Me Hell Is Chrome California Stars Jesus etc
  2. Was it that late when I wrote that? I just considered not using this avatar for another 4 years. I must've been thinking 65 as 1965 when the record was released. As for Dave well that's long day of work setting in.
  3. I hope no ones listening to that YouTube rip, sounds like it was mixed on garage band. Incredible production yes. Reminds me of the MBV record from a few years ago.
  4. Barring Glen Kotche he's the best thing to ever happen to Wilco as a live band. Album wise until Star Wars he's been apart of a extensive sweet period of Jeff Tweedys songwriting. Not that You Are My fave Side With The Seeds and Art Of Almost are sweet and not that most of Am to YHF isn't sweet melodies and cute lyrics. But you get the point. His interpretations of the A Ghost Is Born material is up there with Mike Bloomfield on Highway 61 and Crazy Horse Neil Young. Basically everything just below Voodoo Child.
  5. After Sky Blue Sky and Born Again I thought Wilco now settled and with every tool would do a Sonic Youth and release SYR type records like goodbye 20th century. Release an acoustic record a Jeff Tweedy solo record etc. Wilco (the album) was a beautiful pastoral pop country rock record a solid B+ for me. The Whole Love was where I saw them finally veer into festival rock and baring One Sunday Morning was not interested (tho I was impressed as was Wire magazine interestingly enough) Still another B record but a record is an open wound you need something new to let it find its place it won't s
  6. Please Be Patient With Me Dash 7 We're Just Friends
  7. This is a solid A record.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=KJPwM8nehkQ Bill Hicks US Presidency/Abortion/No Future ....three for one. "PANTHER is just riffin', I think.Who knows what the hell he means" I was riffing ,that is true but let me just add that I am not trying to put down anyones feelings of pride or point of view politicaly, not at all, that is simply a window into my point of view.
  9. "The game is changing. This country is not a dumb, white country. It is a smart, multi-ethnic country" In my view its a dumb multi-ethnic country that has been duped and is insanely polarised. Now let me be nice about this most people in the world are good people when they can be, america is no diffrent, it is full of good hearted people who love there family and friends, now human nature is not that pretty but like I said I am being nice. Now let me be honest when it comes to Politics America has been raped and pillaged over the last centruy there could not be a more ignorant and easily d
  10. this lineup plus Jim O'rourke and Mike J AGIB is my favorite. When Wilco toured with Sonic Youth in 04 did this studio lineup ever take the stage ? are there any boots?
  11. Romney is the Dukakis of Republican candidates he was never going to win , any decent Republican candidate would have beat President Obama considering unemployment . Congradulations To Obama he beat a crazy old man and creepy mormon who told 47% of the country to fuck off. People don't rememebr the losers Obama will go down as a legend regardless more so than Clinton I think.
  12. The Last Super is not the Mona Lisa and the Mona Lisa is not The Last Super but after Six hundred years of context which do you prefer?
  13. Wilco are certainley in a neo Phase but so what? To consitently judge new work against that which has already been examined to the enthhh is pointless and creates a conceptual basket around the work that the artist did not intend to create, with Wilco the album maybe that was exactly the context intended (wink nugde camel). As a songwriter Jeff Tweedy has been mister positive for about six years now and I feel this is what long time fans bemoan rather than some supposed loss of form. They want to see him suffer through his songs because they are suffering they want to relate through pain not t
  14. no no no no no ,a deep unified culture that is desimated ...........by its pastoral landscape
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