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  1. Yes enjoy the show..... then make your way towards the tour bus. Better chance to take a picture (sometimes even get pics with the boys) or albums/posters signed. Some shows they come out, some they don't.... Wish I could make St. Augustine show, always wanted to see the town too, so far just made it to Jacksonville... :-)
  2. To bad show was cut short. Springtime in the south... today we get the storms. Hope no more storms for the shows... :-)
  3. JT signed a Son Volt ticket for me after a show. I will get a Wilco ticket signed by JF one day. Well I hope he will. JT said "I don't want to mess it up" and I say "your not, cause you wouldn't have one without the other".... The guys have always been nice and cool when signing stuff...
  4. Less Than You Think :-) Ashes of American Flag One Wing :-) Art of Almost At my Window Sad and Lonely :-) :-) What Light :-) Secret of The Sea True Love Will Find You In The End :-) :-)
  5. Well I was looking forward to this.... but that darn "happenstance" steps in again. Got wi - fi after none for 5 yrs. Updating laptop, good thing. Crap! Screws up and now on the repair list. Get my daughter's notebook. Back in business. Now this box says "to many server redirects" ain't that funny.... But that's okay get to live it through others.... :-)
  6. Thanks so kindly to whom recorded and posted California Stars from the Athens show!!!!! No one knows how much getting to watch that means to me, I couldn't be there in body but in spirit I was!!! :-) I've been away last 5 yrs (I believe) so 2014 (tho end of the season ) I can catch up with what I've been missing and there is a bunch! Ain't seen Wilco since " An Evening With...." thought Athens was the one but happenstance got in the way, always love the Georgia Theatre, Flickers and 40 Watt.... next time :-) Anyways thanks :-) :-) :-)
  7. Thanks! A friend sent me the CD that just showed up yesterday, now I get to hear all the songs
  8. Thank ya kindly Now no stones! I only been into wilco 15+ yrs and so much more to hear. These are loose fur songs? Aint heard before. Is the guitar a martin? Looks like the one my dad had 40 yrs ago.
  9. Congrats You said it best donna! Thank you Wilco for all the peace, love, happiness, beautiful people, beautiful places Kinda cool nov 17 is my daughters birthday too....
  10. i'm playing catch up to all the happenings on VC, been away for far to long... So happy to see Lotti still here and reading her reviews... Happy Camper, no...
  11. Thanks Lotti Your fingers crossed must have helped, I did keep believing, but sometimes lost faith.... However, two days ago I got a truck, nothing grand, old 85 dodge ram, red too, never had a red vehicle before... But it was cheap and runs... So thanks Lotti and of course that special lady, my angel that brightens my world !!! Lotti, if "own bed" is not always so wonderful, I hope most of the time" it is wonderful... Welfare!!
  12. Well week 3... still no car, still camping out in office... but "the whole love" keeps me company... Makes you know how wonderful "my own bed" is!!!
  13. My sympathies to you and your family! Makes my week not so bad, but I'll play along. Last week I had to tow my car home and worked on the transmission. Well this week it went out for good. Had to get it towed again, not home tho, to the title pawn to surrender for the loan. Don't get paid until Friday, so no money. I think I've lost my so called / sometime job. Was told if I ever needed anything to call, he knows I had no ride, but wanted to know what I done with my car, told him it was at the title pawn, he wanted to try and buy it, not to help me for himself. Trying to get a ride to the st
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