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  1. Tonight was a pretty amazing show. The crowd had a lot of energy and the band seemed to be having fun. He let us sing quite a bit and said, "This is our favorite place." Wilco does love Austin. Jeff asked who all was coming to tomorrow nights show and when over half the place raised their hands, he replied, "Well, I guess we better learn some more songs." I also got to hear them play "In The Street" by Big Star during their sound check, followed by I'm Always in Love (Acoustic), More and Random Name Generator. Setlist: More... Random Name Generator The Joke Explained You Satelli
  2. Ausin went up and is apparently already gone...lol. Waiting on my confirmation email.
  3. Austin just went up!! Got my tickets!! See you all there!! It says the order was completed and that I got them, but I didnt get the confirmation email yet. Anyone else have a delay with the emails?
  4. Yeah, please tell me they dont think we are MST...
  5. The Austin shows presale didnt start at 10 CST... Please dont tell me that Crowdsurge thinks we are MST.
  6. Same here. Any information would be appreciated
  7. hahaha! Whoops! Kids, don't post right before taking a nap.
  8. 1. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2. Being There 3. A Ghost Is Born 4. Summerteeth 5. A.M. 6. Sky Blue Sky 7. The Whole Love 8. Star Wars 9. Wilco (The Album)
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