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  1. England lost all momentum when the ball squeaked by Green. They seemed to be controlling the game up until that point, then from there the US took over, until basically a little ways throughout the second half decided to play for a draw. It was ugly. I'm back in the US now after a sojourn into England...and now I can't help but attach myself to England, those lovable losers... It will take a whole string of catastrophic events for both England and the United States to not make it out of the Group. Just saying.
  2. I've mostly been playing Modern Warfare 2 since I got back, but apparently I'm not very consistent with my play anymore. One game, I dominate, the next, I suck. Though I tried Mass Effect 2 on my friend's XBox, it looks fantastic. Like, really fantastic.
  3. Did you aim the speakers at your ears? Sometimes incorrect speaker positioning leads the song to miss the ears entirely, you know. You may have just not heard the song, period.
  4. That sounds unfortunate. It'd be kind of like turning the emotion dial from 11 to -3. Not that Wilco isn't emotional music, but Wilco doesn't exactly ever sound so emotional that the music could just explode in a fit of it. Arcade Fire is like that. Constantly. All the time. That being said, I'm pretty excited by the new stuff. It's not enough for me to say much, but I like what I hear. Does the "Suburbs" title imply they might revisit the whole "Neighborhood" concept? It would be cool.
  5. I haven't seen all of them, but the ones I have: Royal Tenenbaums Darjeeling Life Aquatic though my favorite moment out of all three may be Bill Murray ripping the pirates a new hole to "Search and Destroy" (really the only reason I wanted to post here, because I feel like not seeing the others makes my opinion less valid)
  6. I sadly think this is the most likely outcome. Thanks, douchebag, for not ending Cleveland's sports despair.
  7. I suppose, but normally after a few listens for a record I drop it, go on to whatever else I'm digging at the moment only to come back a long time later and be like "oh, yeah, I like(d) this record a whole lot." Since its leaked, I've listened to it at least once every other day, I think. The video of "Drunk Girls" on Jools showed up on Youtube, so I caught it. I've actually been in London for awhile as I've been studying abroad here, so I would normally catch Jools if, uh, I had a tv. np:
  8. No, it was a serious comment. I've listened to the whole record at least 10-15 times and plan to listen to it many, many more times soon...just got to get through the rest of these nights of Pavement shows first...
  9. Come to think of it, Lou and Sterling were a pretty badass pair of guitarists, too.
  10. No Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd love? That was the perfect guitar duo, in the best "guitar rock" band ever...though they're still "post-punk" to me if anything.
  11. Christ, I love this record to death. The tracks I didn't like before have grown on me. And the tracks I liked, I love now. Talk about staying power.
  12. In terms of go-to songs, it's usually Pavement's "Here" these days. It always gives me a strange sense of fulfillment to hear the lines "I was dressed for success/but success it never comes," because I live it. In terms of albums, it's recently been the Velvet Underground..."Pale Blue Eyes" is a worldslayer.
  13. It's important to not expect exactly Pavement when considering Malkmus' solo material, he's wanted to get jammy for awhile and Pavement is, admittedly, not a great vehicle for that. That out of the way, Malkmus' solo material is pretty rad (it will never match Pavement, but I'm ok with it). If I had to rank the records in terms of being purely good, chances are I'd go chronological. But more recently, given my listening preferences here's probably how it goes: Brighten the Corners Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Wowee Zowee Slanted & Enchanted Terror Twilight I'm ok with ranking Pavemen
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