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  1. If I could choose how to be tortured, I'd certainly do.
  2. Now I feel like I need to learn a third language.
  3. Oh, really. A 10 years old girl who never menstruated yet, raped, not worse than for an adult? And I am stupid?
  4. At least you can understand what I meant, you may be less stupid than the others. And I didn't say that attractive women were responsible for rape. Not exactly. I may write in my second language, but I can read better. I could also add twenty lines of nuances to this, something that nobody here, in their first language, feel like doing. I could very well state here that all of the others are fucked-up morons unable to write on the subject.
  5. I feel like a lack of argument. Who's stupid exactly?
  6. Records I especially enjoyed: Eleni Mandell – Artificial Fire Neko Case – Middle Cyclone Marissa Nadler – Little Hells Julie Doiron – I Can Wonder What You Did with Your Day Jill Sobule – California Years The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest Records I found good: Joe Henry – Blood from Stars Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Ana Egge – Road to My Love Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career Devon Sproule – Don’t Hurry for Heaven! Plastiscines – About Love Pastels/Tenniscoats – Two Sunsets Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion The Pains of Being Pure at H
  7. Special favorites of mine, along with Van's Veedon Fleece, that haven't been mentionned: Dory Previn - Dory Previn Millie Jackson - Caught Up Jesse Winchester - Learn To Love It
  8. I disagree. Rape is rape, but there are different sorts of rapes, and different sorts of sentences required to these. It's obviously worse to rape a 10 years old girl than a 30 years old one. Unless the 30 years old one is handicaped or something. It's worse to rape with violence than with psychological pressure. And yes, a girl who's been sexually provocative is an attenuating circumstance to me (but I don't say it's been the case with Samantha Gailey). If you claim that girls aren't responsible for provoking rape when they're sexually attractive, then you totally dismiss the power of the s
  9. My point is not to say he should be exempt from the law. My point is : there can be attenuating circumstances to something that appears strictly shocking. Circumstances could have been worse, say, if the girl was 10 years old, if she hadn't posed naked, if the man had been known for raping again or being violent, etc, etc So I repeat it: I don't say at all he should be exempt from the law. But I tend to temper the severe judgement that moralistic people apply to the man and the matter that makes this thread. There is the law, and there is life. Millions of things in life, light or serious,
  10. Not at all. I say there are circumstances that can be avoided between some men and some teens, teens (from 13 to...) being more very young women than children most of the time. Roman Polanski isn't an example of wise person. It's a disturbed artist, all of his movies illustrate it. More than that, if I well understand, they spend a whole day together (or a long afternoon? anyway...). Anything weird can happen in a day. Polanski, more than any other maybe, could pretty much make a movie about that, the complex story of a day (or a few hours), telling the strange relationship of two persons of
  11. Disagreed. Anyway, I don't believe the girl was consentent. But I don't believe she "was afraid of him" either. How a 13 years-old girl should be allowed to follow an adult to his house and pose naked anyway? In my opinion, circumstances count. The most despicable side of Polanski in this matter is having used his status of celebrity to abuse a teen, along with her parents (who must have trusted him - I wonder if they had ever watched his movies...) Apart from that, the media are worse again, as the girl herself will attest later. Whatever you say, it's indeed ALL a matter of circumstan
  12. or a side effect of the sexuality which we can see everywhere in the media and in our society. What does surprise the French more about the US, is the paradoxe between their society and their puritanism, the latter appearing mainly hypocrite.
  13. I've read that on several other sites and read it between the lines here as well. You know, if "he can't get away with it", that means "he should be punished". No? As well as from half of the French people mentionned earlier in this thread, funny to note that those who treat Polanski of "pedophile" are from the worst political side of our country (extreme right winged - the fascist kind, the ultra national front). Well, they certainly hate Polanski's movies anyway. The way they go from the rape of a teen in attenuating circumstances to straight "pedophelia" is simply disgusting. Polanski isn't
  14. Sure. And being put in prison for some years certainly allows to get away with it after. That's what everyone takes as justice in this world. That ridiculous notion of punishment. "to pay the price". Good Lord, as if there was a price to pay. If that is the case, many people are ready to pay the price. In short, to tell what I think, punishment doesn't change anything. I don't care that 76 years old Polanski would be finally put in jail. I sincerely don't care. What irritates me, is the people who want to punish him for the sake of the punishment, and call that *justice*. But that's not
  15. Curiously, I'm more angry at the fact Pinochet lived and died peacefully.
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