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  1. Specifically on the vocals, I do wish Jeff would let other singers have a shot sometimes on the albums. Workingman's Dead is one of my favorite records, but who doesn't enjoy it more when Jerry's not singing every single track? (American Beauty, four singers!). I think A.M. benefits from John's lone turn at the mic.
  2. We've been to all except SS#1 in 2010, and this year's lineup held the least appeal. Even so, the rain dissuaded us from being on site for a couple of the acts I most wanted to see--Mike Watt and Will Oldham. Glad we caught Japanese Breakfast and Terry Allen. Friday night's Wilco set was nearly as wonderful as 2013's covers night or the Being There/YHF set, truly magical--especially the encores--and Saturday's equally strong. The dumplings were delish. My wife and I ascertained the best deal was the red curry set (a full order of dumplings with coconut rice and curry). Here's hoping they move
  3. It's hard to express how deeply I love this new album and can't wait to hear it at Solid Sound. I've been hoping Wilco would do a "country" album for a long time, but the direction of the past three made it seem that ship had sailed. (No dis there, I love SW, Schmilco and OTJ, and think they are as good as any Wilco have made.) Not sure what I thought a Wilco country album would be, probably "Being There" drenched in Sneaky Pete pedal steel and Bakersfield guitars turned up to 11. But it isn’t "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" or "The Gilded Palace of Sin," it's Wilco country. NOT what gets played on
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