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  1. My box arrived yesterday (Monday) and my tracking # email arrived today (Tuesday). Lol
  2. Looks like Rough Trade here in New York has some for sale online. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/various-artists/wilcovered
  3. Listening to mine now! Glad to have this on vinyl finally!
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered it as well! I snagged a copy of Down by the Old Mainstream on Discogs a couple of months back for $40 bucks and was quite happy about it. Still need Another Fine Day but its still kind of pricey.
  5. While i would love a Mermaid Avenue set for Firday, I was listening to the AM and Being There reissues today and it occurred to me that an awesome Friday set would just be non-album and b-sides set. Between these new reissues and Alpha Mike Foxtrot there would be plenty of amazing setlists that they could come up with. Perhaps we might even get another reissue with additional tracks before then.
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs tonight at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn!
  7. The new live album just rips! I'm not always the biggest fan of live albums but the sound on this is pristine and the band sounds ferocious. Highlights include the band jumping into a teetering version of Answering Machine taking it from a near miss to one of the highlights of the set. Oh, if you can't tell from my nickname, I'm a bit of a Replacements/Westerberg/Stinson fan.
  8. Perhaps all it means is Jeff was planning on doing something like this for a while and finally got these recordings "together at last"
  9. My wife and I will be down in the orch2 row F. Lucked out on the presale too. Can't wait!
  10. Tommy Stinson's Bash & Pop at Mercury Lounge! It will be the first show I'm attending this year and I can't wait. Friday Night is Killing Me is perhaps my favorite post Replacements release from either Tommy or Paul.
  11. Actually it is the "majority of american voters" because it was those who voted. It would be incorrect to say the "majority of eligible american voters". Sadly we will never ever know what all eligible voters think because somehow not every single person thinks it is important to vote but I think this entire election cycle has proven that everyone who can, should vote. Perhaps if all eligible voters had gotten out during the primaries we would have been presented with two more relatable candidates. But the point is it is a fact that of all those who voted which is all that maters, the majority of voters voted for Hilary Clinton and that is an undeniable fact and anyone who says that not winning the popular vote constitutes a "dominant victory" seems out of tune with math and statistics. I would say what constitutes a "dominant victory" would be winning both the popular vote AND the electoral college count but perhaps that is just my opinion. But that most certainly did not occur. Damn you beat me to it as i was writing my long winded version of the same thing.
  12. Tonight I'm going to see the band, Beach Slang preform the Replacements "Pleased to Meet Me". To say the least I'm excited!
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