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  1. Loved meeting people that I have known for 20 years (and embarrassingly never met in person) - Donna, Uyen, Paul, Brianne and then all the new friends at the Vbro booking. - Biking the Erie Canal Pathway from Buffalo to Albany with the braintrust of Postcard from Hell - being reminded to listen to the Connells by Boss Tweedy and then infecting him with the ear worm that is Bella White - Standing beside Uyen for a Tweedy Sonic experiment and having her tell me that Japanese Breakfast was a metre away. - PBP amazing set - Friday's Wilco set. This new album is f
  2. I loved the Bonnie Prince Billy set and got to share Boss Tweedy's lyric sheet . It was a folk church singalong with about a dozen verses handed out to the audience - each verse repeated 4 or 5 times in a chant. I had never seen Will Oldham before and worried about being disappointed. But - It was beautiful with 7 or 8 people on stage, maybe 3 of them with instruments. Kept thinking about how this was all very very Chakra-Yoga-Saskrit feeling and then BPB just comes out and says it. Some of the verses were meant to supplant Sanskrit Chanting in a meditation/yoga pract
  3. Rasa Frassa, now I find the pass. Fuckity fuck fuck
  4. Luke - there on the 21st (I think). grab a bike. ride. Had only a limited knowledge that the Canal was THAT integral to the United States, Irish immigration, New York City as the hub of everywhere etc. Fascinating stuff.
  5. yum!! Heading out from Buffalo on the 20th and hoping to make Albany on the 27th. https://eriecanalway.org/explore/cycling cannot wait!!!
  6. Oh no! Let's do a small memorial at Soild Sound. Moment of silence and toast.
  7. Trying to work out transportation - but this kinda looks doable with a bike trip from Buffalo to Albany along the Erie Canal, and then picked up in Albany to avoid the 1500ft climb from Albany to North Adams. See how it goes. Erie canal bike route looks amaze-balls: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/11/05/nyregion/ny-empire-trail.html
  8. Hi Kelly, This still available???
  9. I'm old, I need the comfort. (stations) Teturner at Gmail.com
  10. Hmm - this sounds really fun. Tempted to park the volvo in Buffalo and do the Erie Canal bike path to Albany and then to North Adams. Did not know that North Adams was kinda at the west end of the state. Donna - you of course are up for this and I will get you a bike.
  11. D - listen to the Le Ren album from last year. Turns out I've met her and she played my house with Tim Baker/Daniel Romano a little while ago: She played a great set. Tweedy put her on one of his Covid playlists , and I then I realized the album 'Leftovers' was on Secretly Canadian - so dived right in. It is uniformly excellent
  12. yay - Le Ren is on there as a Musical guest. - yay!
  13. Yeah - recognize some of the names on the list. Turns out Rob and Crystal's daughter was in a singing group with the daughter of a close friend in North Vancouver. Small world coming together to help.
  14. thanks everyone! Rob and Crystal are good people.
  15. some of you may know Rob and Crystal Janes. Rob and Crystal were injured on their way to SBS in a horrific accident that took the life of one other passenger. https://www.riviera-maya-news.com/one-killed-6-injured-in-highway-accident-outside-cancun/2022.html?cn-reloaded=1&fbclid=IwAR1GSjFPsECe_FTlMwn5G6jtr3xZSl0veldoZ7Wf5a-89bKVGx51w3uV-I0&cn-reloaded=1 Contributed to this will all my heart and limited financial means. If you can too, please accept my thanks. https://gofund.me/005161fd
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