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  1. D, Samson the next night. Hollee shit. It was really crowded so could only get a couple ‘counting the nose hairs’ vids
  2. D - sending you a friend request. Have something to disclose too. and last night - this was fucking amazing: So it is embarrassing. I love this song and have the album it is on, but had to ask the artist, ‘what was that second last song?’ ‘The strummy one?' ‘Yeah that one’ Masters of the Deal from last night: https://www.facebook.com/584265448/posts/10156579870675449/ vid link (that may or may no be viewable.
  3. Not tonight - but next week - at my house. Cannot believe it. Have Crooked Fingers in the night before. pinch me.
  4. Just so so proud of my province - some dude hung around the tourbus all day in Kingston - the guy in London who felt he had to sing along, off key and a half beat behind - loudly - the London punk band who HAD to sound check during an extremely quiet show. we as a people are extremely rude and creepy. Just finding this out now. and if you happen to read this and was involved in one of these shining examples of fandom and concert promotion, seriously, fuck off and get a life.
  5. Had no idea there was a Sam Parton and Jolie Holland new disc out. Was also equally clueless that they are playing the Rivoli tonight until about half an hour ago. I finally get to see Holland (and Parton)
  6. Yay!!! tonight. steps away from my place. cannot wait.
  7. there for hamilton and london. YAY! used the ticketfly link with 'Collective' as the presale Hammer https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1623935?pc=1 Armpit: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1624038?pc=1
  8. New Andre Ethier in Feb. Looks like he is playing shows again too.
  9. Jeremy Fisher/Jim Bryson and Hawksley Workman tomorrow night. should be fun. Playing about a block away, soooo, will stumble home.
  10. 1) Richard Laviolette - Taking the Long Way Home 2) Fiver - Songs from Rockwood 3) The Weather Station - S/T 4) Jackie Shane - Any Other Way - Yeah, I know. It is a re-issue 5) Hurray For the Riff Raff - The Navigator 6) Julian Baker - Turn out the lights Need to listen to a ton more - Benjamin Booker, The National etc. Best concert - Eric Bachman Living Room Tour. Hollee fucking hell it was great.
  11. Dolly! Never seen her before. Wish I had splurged on the VIP Meet and Greet - if there was such a thing offered.
  12. whole country shut down for the night Saturday. Really remarkable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJfcwpvJfuw#action=share
  13. saw one of the stops on the tour. They had a large stage, and I've seen them when they keep yards away from each other for the whole show, but this was really different; They played in about 100 sq feet, as if they there back on some black painted rock club. What a tremendous night. This is my favourite tribute - from Dave Bidini 'Every band exists with the end perched on their shoulder; more of a black crow than a brightly-plumed parrot. Most bands end while roasting hot dogs over a barrel-fire in the back of a 7-11. In Canada, the legion of forgotten bands would swallow the legion of t
  14. You Am I. There B side versions of Young Man's Blues, and pretty well everything they cover are better than the original.
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