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18 Years on Via Chicago

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Looking at my profile just now, it seems I joined this fine community on June 27, 2005. This is interesting because that was my 18th birthday. Apparently I had nothing better to do that day than join an internet message board for a band I had discovered earlier that year! But then I realized... that date is just over 18 years ago now. Which means I've been on Via Chicago for over half my life!! That's pretty crazy.

In those 18 years I've made over 3000 posts, most of them bad, but hopefully a few good ones too. I was probably pretty obnoxious in the early days.... sorry about that. Most importantly though, and the reason I am making this post in the first place, I discovered a lot of music from this place, thanks to all of you good people. I honestly don't know if I'd listen to the music that I do today if it wasn't for Via Chicago, so thanks folks.

This place is a bit quieter these days, yeah. But it's also a lot more friendly and welcoming than in 2005 - 2009. I think we've all mellowed, I guess that's what happens after half your lifetime. Here's to another 18 years! :canada

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