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  1. For me, in an otherwise very honest, quirky, often-heavy, honest, and human work of art, the lyrics to Ignoreland don't fit. It's maybe similar to hearing a baby throw a noisy tantrum at a screening of "The Godfather".
  2. “Love each other, motherfuckers!” Ah, so eloquent Mr. Hood.
  3. Really digging "Howler Monkey", which is "Ignoreland" without Stipe singing lyrics. I think I'll make myself a new Automatic disc, replacing the latter with the former. For me, "Ignoreland" never fit lyrically. Stipe sings, "I know that this is vitriol. No solution, spleen-venting. But I feel better having screamed. Don't you?" Um, no Michael, actually I DON'T feel better hearing you scream and vent.
  4. I really like Up. It's hard to say it's a Top 5 R.E.M. album, yet, listening to it, it's got a LOT going for it. It also was released in one of the most amazing few months of my music-listening life. From September 1998 to May 1999: "Deserter's Songs", Mercury Rev "Up", R.E.M. "Summerteeth", Wilco "Soft Bulletin", Flaming Lips Wow!!!!!
  5. For me, the CoS ranking's biggest fail is putting Fables at #11. Sorry, but no effin' way! It's a Top 5-er. I'm a huge fan of Automatic. I like how CoS tries to explain it: "And yet this darker double-down on Out of Time remains the band’s most celebrated album. I can’t quite explain why. It’s one of those beautiful mysteries that solves itself as you listen to the record, but presents itself all over again when you take your headphones off. Everyone’s criteria for a perfect album differs, but the idea of being able to unlock something mysterious each and every listen some thousand listens later must tick off some box or another."
  6. Agree. As a music fan and listener, it truly felt magical. Hearing this new song, and his 90's voice, makes me remember it well.
  7. I love early R.E.M., but if I could only listen to ONE of the following groups of records, I'm not sure which I'd choose. I think maybe I'd lean Group 2. FIRST SIX ALBUMS: Murmur, Reckoning, Fables Of Reconstruction, Life's Rich Pageant, Document, Green SECOND SIX ALBUMS: Out Of Time, Automatic For The People, Monster, New Adventures In Hi-Fi, Up, Reveal
  8. Stipe: "We spent our entire career trying to not repeat ourselves." ​I always liked that about R.E.M. Each album truly was an event. You wanted to hear what they came up with. You knew your were gonna hear an "album" and not a bunch of wannabe singles. I adore the vibe of Automatic. Dark for sure, but so human. It's a Top 5 R.E.M. album for me. Maybe Top 3.
  9. There's something so comfortable-sounding about Tweedy's voice back then. It still is for the most part, but slightly different.
  10. The song title first makes me think of Nora Lee in "Hesitating beauty". Interestingly, it sounds and feels like a song that coulda been on Mermaid Avenue had Guthrie wrote the lyrics. I like it.
  11. For me, of the 4 I've heard, "The Little Things That Give You Away" is by far the best. "Get Out of You Own Way" pretty good. "American Soul" sounds WAY forced. And preachy. And, frankly, just kinda silly.
  12. 1. Patriots 2. Steelers 3. Eagles 4. Chiefs 5. Seahawks
  13. Great way to describe it. Yesterday, Pitchfork put up a 50+ minute video that takes place outdoors at Malibu beach. Scenery almost as pretty as the music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPymrX4qpJY
  14. Great way to open SNL after this past week.
  15. The 2 new Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett songs are pretty great. It's hard to not listen to "Continental Breakfast", along with watching the video, without having a good positive feeling.
  16. Also, on the song "Lost My Head There", Vile showcases his skill at almost hypnotizing the listener. He sings for about 3 minutes, then ends the song with 4 minutes of grooves and beats and "hmm-hmm's" and "whoops".
  17. I've always liked Vile's vibe. His music/voice sounds so dang cool & hip & chill. That's a good playlist you made. The 2 you have from B'lieve I'm Going Down are good. My favorite 2 from that album are "That's Life Tho" & "Wheelhouse"...that latter's a doozy.
  18. After 3 weeks, I'll say: 1. Chiefs 2. Patriots3. Falcons4. Steelers5. Packers
  19. If Denver played New England this weekend, and it was a 1st-Round playoff game, even if the game was in Denver, I'd guess Vegas would have New England at least a 4-point favorite.
  20. Broncos defense is legit. And it is great. And they would cause problems for the Pats. And maybe, right now, the Broncos would beat them on any given Sunday. But for me it's simple: New England has Tom Brady & Bill Belichik. Denver has some guy named Simien and a head coach who has 2 games of NFL head coaching experience.
  21. Top 5 teams, after Week 2? 1. Chiefs 2. Falcons 3. Patriots 4. Raiders 5. Steelers
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