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  1. Yeah, I found those on Youtube. Good stuff....and reminds me that "Sun Maid" is another great obscure song. And that "Close" is a really wonderful song.
  2. "You Tell Me" - Tom Petty "Lord Grenville" - Al Stewart "Silly Things" - Soul Asylum (I mostly started a new topic to make a reference to Soul Asylum's new record, which is pretty dang enjoyable.)
  3. I second that. ALSO, "Wherever". Kinda unbelievable this song didn't make the cut for Anodyne.
  4. Dang. Scary. Surely just a random crazy thing. Thinking of Jeff & fam.
  5. Timothy Finn, a long-time music critic in K.C. wrote, I think, an accurate & fair review of last night's show: https://www.inkansascity.com/arts-entertainment/contemporary-music/tim-finn-review-wilco/
  6. I think 175 minutes was about right. Reviewer is correct in saying it seemed a meaner, angrier Wilco. Not in how Jeff & band we’re on personal level, but how they played. Bull Black Nova was pretty ferocious. On ALTWYS and Via Chicago, along with others, Glenn was shredding the kit. In a good way. Nels seemed to be ripping his guitar a new one in half the songs played. I found, with 8 new songs mixed into the set, the overall balance of pop with rock with noise with beauty...etc, was pretty perfect. Perhaps Reservations, if I had to pick the standout, was the biggest highlight. It sounded even more beautiful sandwiched between, overall, a volcano of loud guitars, drums and glorious noise.
  7. Rolling Stone has an article about the 5 Things Learned about Jeff Tweedy in the RS podcast. Tweedy was asked if he believes in life after death: "All of the theories of what could happen like reincarnation or heaven, none of them seem as implausible to me as being here - like, actually being alive is just as weird. Like where were you? Now you're here. So that's enough for me to maintain some sort of open mind." I like Jeff's answer. I'm Catholic and have never really doubted an afterlife. But I have a friend who's hardcore atheist...I think Tweedy's quote might even make my friend give some pause for thought on the subject. Doesn't surprise me that Jeff would have a thoughtful & interesting reply to that question.
  8. The opening couple beats of the new record makes me think of the opening to "Too Far Apart". For me, A.M. is essential Wilco. "Ramshackle" might be a good word to describe early Wilco. Jeff, who I've always thought is funny when he wants to be, sprinkled his lyrics with touches of humor on songs like Casino Queen, Passenger Side, Monday, & Dreamer In My Dreams. Even "I Must Be High". I like that Jeff & the band are STILL excited about what they're creating, even if it takes a little longer to like what they're doing, if I in fact ever get to the point of truly liking whatever new music they make. I've listened a number of times now to Ode To Joy, and I like it. Not greatly, but I'm glad they made it.
  9. Only listened a couple times. It's nice sounding. In a good way. Nothing gives me goose bumps like the first time I heard At Least That's What You Said or I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, but the subtlety throughout sounds fresh.
  10. I agree. I'm guessing Tweedy doesn't like the lyrics...? I LOVE the music. It's twangy but comfortable. Slide guitar is incredible...probably, for me, what makes me want to listen to it a few times whenever I put on A.M.
  11. If the title track did nothing for ya, then maybe it's just a different strokes for different folks thing. Moonlight Motel is another jaw-dropper.
  12. I agree. I read that Springsteen partly used 70's Jimmy Webb/Glenn Campbell songs as inspiration. You can hear that type of sound throughout...the orchestration, and almost cinematic-like sound.
  13. Nice post. Just got thinking, too, that Sam Jones film has 2 really fantastic recordings of Pieholden Suite & How Do You Fight Loneliness. Such a wealth of awesomeness from that time period.
  14. Wonder why there's not to be a Deluxe version of Summerteeth? There must be tons of alternate versions of songs, along with who knows how many other recordings. It'd also be great to hear some live concert recordings during this time. Wilco's been consistently very good for a LONG time, if not great, but for me, this album was Wilco at it its most magical.
  15. My first thought as well. Icy & dark in at least a couple of ways. I'd add In A Future Age...speaking of a wind that shakes & stabs, and trees bending & falling.
  16. Really impressed by, and really enjoying WARM. Musically, lyrically, and as a whole package, I think it's at least as good as any album Tweedy's been a part of.
  17. I agree. DUMB to yell that at a Tweedy show. But to be fair, Tweedy asked people to shout out an "affirmation". Of COURSE there's gonna be at least person shout something you don't want to hear. Not a smart move on Jeff perhaps. I personally think no matter who Trump chose for the 5th Supreme Court seat, people like Tweedy wouldn't have liked it. Would Jeff have been on board with Amy Coney Barrett, another socially Conservative Catholic? Anyhoo...this isn't the Political forum, so about Tweedy's music. I've listened to audio from some of his solo shows. Really liking his new stuff. I think "Warm" is gonna be a winner. I particularly like "Having Been Is No Way To Be"! Sounds like he's singing to his fans.
  18. Watched the video. Very uncomfortable. Shouting out "Kavanaugh" at a Tweedy concert might be dumb, but probably didn't deserve the personal verbal attack from Tweedy. Jeff's response is a good snapshot of how riled up the country is over the critical 5th, swing seat of the Supreme Court.
  19. Stumbled onto an interesting hour-long Podcast by Malcolm Gladwell (former New Yorker writer) at his site, Revisionist History. The full hour is devoted to making a case that Elvis suffered with Parapraxis (a Freudian slip, to put it simply) when singing the monologue portion of "Are You Lonesome Tonight". The episode is mostly touching and sad, but has some feel-good moments (Elvis had a great, infectious laugh). Jack White is interviewed half-way through, and takes his own stab at the Elvis tune, which is pretty great. http://revisionisthistory.com/episodes/30-analysis-parapraxis-elvis
  20. Paul's new songs not too shabby. "I Don't Know" especially...got a little goose-pimply the first time I heard it. Maybe it was the almost Hey Jude-sounding intro. And I like the simple lyrics. "Come On To Me" kind of fun musically.
  21. Yeah, that would be a great record top to bottom. I'd figure out a way to add One True Vine and On & On & On somehow, but generally a good idea.
  22. Not bad, if the topic was albums created by Wilco. For me, Summerteeth & Being There's track list is better.
  23. (Any song written or co-written by a Wilco member can be included) 1. Airline To Heaven 2. Magazine Called Sunset 3. She's A Jar 4. All The Same To Me 5. Lullaby For Rafters & Beams 6. Hotel Arizona 7. At Least That's What You Said 8. Far Far Away 9. Pieholden Suite 10. Can't Stand It 11. More Like The Moon 12. Shot In The Arm 13. Dash 7 14. Another Man's Done Gone 15. Dreamer In My Dreams
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